EMBO|EMBL Microtubules: From Atoms to Complex Systems

EMBO|EMBL Microtubules: From Atoms to Complex Systems is a conference that covers topics such as:

  • Microtubule dynamic instability
  • Tubulin pharmacology
  • Tubulin and microtubule structure
  • Tubulin post-translational modifications and isotypes
  • Microtubules in neurons
  • Microtubules in disease
  • Microtubules in cell division
  • Microtubule motors
  • Evolutionary divergence of tubulin and microtubules
  • Microtubules in centrosomes, cilia, flagella
  • Microtubule biophysics and modelling
  • Non-motile microtubule-associated proteins

EMBO|EMBL Microtubules: From Atoms to Complex Systems brings together attendees from the main domains of the microtubule field, ranging from structural biology, biochemistry and biophysics to cell biology, genetics and chemical biology.


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