Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management is a conference that covers topics such as:

  • Reporting to the board
    • Overcoming what to report to the Board, disseminating information for accurate and relevant reporting
  • Regulatory compliance
    • Reviewing requirements across global and national regulators and implementing ERM processes for more than competitive
  • Model risk
    • Quantifying the risks associated with models and leveraging regulatory requirements
  • Stress testing
    • Using stress testing as a value adding tool to analyse risk across the enterprise and designing relevant scenarios that are forward looking
  • Cyber crime
    • Analyzing the increasing cyber threat in light of the increasing digitalization of the financial industry
  • Vendor management
    • Reviewing robustness of third party programs to account for outsourcing to fourth and fifth party vendor risks
  • Risk appetite
    • Leveraging risk appetite to facilitate cultural change and reviewing the applicability of risk appetite statements across financial institutions
  • Ccp`s, counterparty risk & liquidity
    • Reviewing the effects of counterparty credit risk reforms and monitoring, measuring and reporting liquidity management metrics

Future Events

Enterprise Risk Management 2020


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