ESASO Anterior Segment Academy


ESASO Anterior Segment Academy is a conference that provides knowledge and new research information in the field of ophthalmology.

ESASO Anterior Segment Academy covers topics such as:

  • Topography: how to evaluate it in different algorithm (elevation, instantaneous, sagittal, pupil position and angle K)
  • How different instrument measure it an the source of error (autoref., skiascopy, keratometer (jawal, hemolz) aberrometer, topographer, tomographer
  • Aberrometry: Can we identify what is astigmatism and what is coma and other HOA that can apparently increase the amount of refractive astigmatism
  • Tomography: When is pure astigmatism
  • Anterior segment OCT and astigmatism are different layer in cornea make a difference?
  • Refracting a pts with astigmatism, which is the best way? (Aberrometry approach)
  • How to analyse an astigmatism
  • Internal astigmatism what is it?
  • Surface ablation
  • The source of astigmatism:
  • Custom ablation or optimized ablation
  • Intra-stromal ablation
  • Intra-stromal lens
  • Relaxing incision
  • Toric IOL
  • Complication and their solution The correction with intraocular surgery
  • Iris fixated
  • Phakic IOL
  • Piggy back implants
  • Posterior chamber IOL
  • Did I change the corneal shape as planned, how to measure it?
  • Complication and their solution
  • The evaluation of effective O.Z. optical qualities and their implication
  • The way to predict regression
  • How to measure the axis of IOL
  • The epithelial lens and OCT
  • How to make a vectorial analysis of sphere and cyl post-op
  • The refraction is not the planned! Is it an biometric error or a toric misalignment?
  • Corneal retreatment
  • IOL exchange or alignment

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