EuroDisplay International Conference


The EuroDisplay International Conference covers topics such as:

  • OLED materials (TADF, phosphorescence, perovskites, printing, charge transport)
  • Liquid crystal materials (blue phase, twist-bend, photo-alignment, ferroelectric)
  • Thin film transistors (oxides, IGZO, Si-based, organic, solution-based)
  • Display materials (nanoparticles, quantum dots, graphene, conductors, injection layers)
  • OLED displays (large area, microdisplays, color saturation, stability)
  • Liquid crystal displays (high dynamic range, projection, microdisplays, backlights)
  • Electronic ink (ink properties, switching)
  • Micro-LEDs (materials, technology, performance)
  • Related applications (touch screens, gratings, filters, windows, automotive)
  • Virtual reality (3D, headsets, augmented reality, holography)
  • Production technologies (vacuum processing, wet processing, ink-jet, large area)
  • Metrology and standards (measurements, display evaluation, quality, HDR)

The EuroDisplay International Conference brings together:

  • Researchers
  • Academicians
  • Representatives of industry and governmental bodies
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Other stakeholders

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