2nd European Conference on Information System and Data Mining (CISDM 2020)

  • 21-23 Sep 2020
  • Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation


The 2nd European Conference on Information System and Data Mining (CISDM 2020) covers topics such as:

  • Data Mining
    • Data mining systems in finance and e-commerce
    • Competitive analysis of mining algorithms
    • Graph and subgraph mining
    • Data mining visualization
    • Methodologies on large-scale data mining
    • High performance data mining algorithms
    • Parallel and distributed data mining algorithms
    • Mining on data streams
    • Security and privacy issues
    • Scalable data preprocessing
    • Web mining
    • Text, video, multimedia data mining
  • Information Systems
    • Business Process Change
    • Agile Methodologies
    • Core Theories, Conceptualisations and Paradigms in IS Research
    • Communities of practice and Knowledge Sharing
    • Design and Development Methodologies and Frameworks
    • Deductive vs Inductive Approaches
    • Dilution of Organisational Boundaries
    • Design Research and the Sciences of the Artificial in IS
    • Enterprise Application Integration
    • E-Learning in IS
    • Ethical, social, privacy, security and moral issues in an e-society
    • Enterprise Resource Planning
    • Fads, Fashions and Fetishes in IS Curricula
    • Examples of experimental research designs in IS
    • Industry Innovation and Leadership and Academic Laggards
    • Industrial Research versus Academic Research Issues
    • Innovation and IS
    • Information Management
    • Instructional Design for IS
    • Innovation and Knowledge Management
    • IS and Organisation Development
    • IS and Change Management
    • IS consultancy as a profession
    • IS and SMEs
    • IS Design and Development as a Component-Based Process
    • IS D Design and Development as a Global and Distributed Process
    • IS Management
    • IS Design and Development as Social Negotiation Process
    • IS Quality Management and Assurance
    • IS Project Management
    • IS Standards and Compliance Issues
    • IS Research Constraints, Limitations and Opportunities
    • IS vs Computer Science Research
    • IS vs Business Studies
    • Knowledge Management
    • Iterative and Incremental Methodologies
    • Multidisciplinary Views and Multi Methodological Approaches
    • Multiculturality and Diversity Issues in IS Learning and Teaching
    • Myths, taboos and misconceptions in IS
    • Multi-method Approaches and Triangulations in IS Research
    • New and alternative approaches to IS research
    • National Cultures and Approaches to Pedagogy
    • Ontological Assumptions in IS Research
    • New Organisational Forms
    • Outsourcing in IS
    • Organisational IS Roles
    • Patterns of Demand for IS Teaching Provision
    • Outsourcing Risks, Barriers and Opportunities
    • Positivist, Interpretivist and Critical Approaches to IS Research
    • Pedagogic practice in Teaching IS
    • Practitioner and Research Relationship, Projects and Links
    • Power, Cultural, Behavioural and Political issues
    • Risk Management in IS
    • Quantitative vs. Qualitative Methods
    • The centrality of IS and IT in Organisational Processes
    • Risk Management in IS Design and Development
    • Validity, Usefulness and Applicability of IS Academic Research
    • The role of information in the information society

The 2nd European Conference on Information System and Data Mining (CISDM 2020) will be held in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation on 21-23 Sep 2020.


Saint Petersburg,
Russian Federation
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300-650 US Dollar   (Early registration date: 31 May 2020)
Hong Kong Society of Robotics & Automation (HKSRA)
Abstract submission deadline:
31 Aug 2020

Future Events

  • 2nd European Conference on Information System and Data Mining (CISDM 2020) - 21-23 Sep 2020, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation (89647)
  • 3rd European Conference on Information System and Data Mining (CISDM 2021) - Sep 2021 (84369)


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