Evaluating Pre-Salt Rift Plays and Prospects


Evaluating Pre-Salt Rift Plays and Prospects is a course that covers topics such as:

  • How to use the data, as well as geologic models and principals to understand and delineate each element of the rift basin petroleum system; source rock, migration pathway, reservoir, trap and seal as well as the linkage between these elements
  • The various types of data needed to understand the petroleum system, including an understanding of the quality, scale, uncertainty, and limitations of that data
  • The fundamentals of salt tectonics, the geometry of autochthonous and allochthonous salt bodies and salt withdrawal mini-basins
  • Bring the petroleum system elements together to be able to define plays and to find, evaluate , and risk prospects
  • Optional for day 3: key industry best practices needed to qualitatively review maps to ensure they are valid, use and honor all of the data, and are as accurate as the data allows

Evaluating Pre-Salt Rift Plays and Prospects brings together E&P professionals involved in the generation and / or the evaluation of pre-salt rift basin plays and prospects.

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