Financial Boot Camp for Non-Financial Professionals/Managers

Two days of intensive hands-on instruction offered in four half-day modules.  Attendees may select to attend 1, 2, 3 or all 4 modules and are charged accordingly.  Module topics are:

How to Read and Understand Financial Statements - Provides an understanding of accounting and financial concepts upon which financial reporting is based.  Participants will leave with the knowledge of how to read company financial statements and the significance of what each entry conveys.

Business Modeling - Learn how to build a financial model of a business, either to analyze possible changes or to analyze a new business venture.  Case study driven and participants receive a CD with a pre-programmed EXCEL template for entering their own data and application to their analysis challenges.

Pricing and Costing - Focuses upon the alternatives available in determining the optimum price for a product.  Also explores standard costs and the use of incremental costs of doing business when analyzing a pricing situation.  Case study driven and participants receive a CD with a pre-programmed EXCEL template entering for their own data and application to their pricing analysis.

Product and Product Line Profitability Modeling - Covers the principles involved in truly determining the profitability of a product/product line.  Each aspect is covered with detailed examples and participants receive a pre-programmed EXCEL template for entering their own product data.


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