Fraud & The Modern World

Fraud & The Modern World is a seminar that covers topics such as:

  • Opening Questions and Answer Session (Q & A)
  • Introduction
  • What is Fraud? Definition
  • Overview of course (Fraud Statistics & Fraud Costs)
  • Internal Controls (How to establish IC`s) 17 principles
  • How to identify fraud schemes and fraud indicators
  • How to develop steps for internal controls
  • Processes of formulation and implementation
  • How to benefit from these tools
  • How to develop tools for internal controls
  • The Government Contracting Process
  • Indicators of Procurement Fraud
  • Government contracting practices and procedures
  • Government procurement regulations and procedures
  • Governmental Internal Controls
  • Understanding small and minority business programs
  • Ethical principles/ Code of Ethics/ Standards
  • The Importance of Contractor Integrity to the Contracting Process
  • Standards of Professional service
  • Principles of Professional Practice/ Code of Conduct
  • Employee training
  • Business Ethics, Ethical Dilemmas
  • Learn Best Practices
  • Contract Ethics, Supplier Ethics, Employee Ethics (Control Environment)
  • Characteristics of successful Internal Control System
  • How to evaluate your systems strengths and weaknesses
  • Typical Frauds Relating to Contracting
  • How to outline a internal control plan, processes, objectives, components and requirement for effective controls
  • Actual Contract Cases Reviewed and Discussed In Class
  • Contract Fraud Defined (Actual Classroom Examples)
  • E-Commerce fraud/ Internet Fraud
  • Major Contract Fraud Schemes
  • Accounting Fraud, Operational Fraud
  • False statements, false claims, product substitutions
  • Common Fraud schemes related to contracts
  • Fraud Schemes Related to Special Contracts
  • Health Care & Health Insurance fraud
  • Traditional Fraud Schemes: Employment Fraud
  • Action/ Penalties, Criminal, Civil, Administrative and Contractual Action in response to fraud
  • Remedies for Contract Fraud

Fraud & The Modern World brings together:

  • Business Owner
  • Business Professional
  • Procurement Departments
  • Managers, Supervisors
  • Accounting Personnel
  • Accounting Managers
  • Controllers
  • Compliance Managers
  • Marketing Personnel
  • Presidents / Vice Presidents
  • Business Vendors
  • Retail Businesses Owners
  • Anyone who wishes to increase or refresh their knowledge of these areas

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Fraud & The Modern World 2020


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