Fundamentals of Oil & Gas Agreements

Fundamentals of Oil & Gas Agreements is a course that covers topics such as:

  • Activities and phases involved during the lifecycle of a petroleum field
  • Principal agreements involved in the oil and gas industry
  • The concept of a contract matrix to introduce, analyse and explain the principal agreements in a practical context
  • Detailed analysis of the key contracts which come into play at each stage

Fundamentals of Oil & Gas Agreements is intended for:

  • Engineers and technical personnel seeking an insight into the contractual framework of oil and gas operations
  • Commercial and project managers in the petroleum industry looking to improve their contract negotiation skills
  • Contract managers, analysts and engineers requiring a legal overview or refresher
  • Legal professionals in the oil and gas sector wishing to increase or update their knowledge
  • Insurance and risk managers seeking to reduce contract risks for their companies
  • Legal and paralegal practitioners aiming to specialise in oil and gas law
  • Government advisors, policy makers, economists and regulators

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