Fundamentals of Oil & Gas

Fundamentals of Oil & Gas is a course that covers topics such as:

  • Introducing Oil and Gas - Overview and Industry Segments
  • Finding Oil and Gas - Reservoir Characteristics and Exploration
  • Oil Refining and Gas Treatment - Refining, Storage and Transportation
  • Extracting and Processing Oil and Gas - Drilling, Production and Optimising Recovery
  • Managing Oil and Gas - Risks, Opportunities, Organisations and the Future
  • Selling Oil and Gas - Markets, Trading, Risk, Margins and Stocks

Fundamentals of Oil & Gas is intended for:

  • Exploration, engineering, production and refining personnel seeking wider understanding
  • Experts seeking a broader knowledge of the oil, gas and energy industry and markets
  • Analysts, traders, marketing, sales, public relations and retail experts
  • Government civil servants, industry bodies and development agency personnel
  • New recruits to the oil, gas and energy industry

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