Future of Mining EMEA

Future of Mining EMEA is a conference dedicated to a vast range of content spanning right across the entire mining life cycle with automation, technology, development and more.

Future of Mining EMEA covers topics such as:

  • How do you manage digitisation when parts of a mining organisation are so different?
  • What steps are being taken with the implementation of big data and automation in global gold mining?
  • What events drive society’s views of mining? How do these translate into a company’s strategy?
  • What new technologies are available to limit our impact to the environment?
  • How can governments drive the mining industry forward?
  • How real is the risk of falling short in the quest for new industry talent?

Future of Mining EMEA brings together:

  • Product and Service Providers to the Mining Industry: Business Development, Heads of Mining, Engineering, Technology, Data, Marketing, Supply Chain, Analytics, Automation, Mining Equipment, Construction
  • Mining Companies: Vice Presidents, Presidents, Mine Managers, Engineers, Data, Operations, Risk, Analytics, Health, Business Intelligence, Environment, Safety, Sustainability, Supply Chain, Underground Mining, Automation, Information Technology
  • Government / Not for Profit / Academic organisations with a specific interest in the mining industry
  • Banking and Finance specialists connected to Mining / Natural Resources / commodities
  • Product and Service Providers expected to exhibit include: Analytics, Consultants, Mining Equipment Providers, Data, Drones Technology, Automation, Satellite Connectivity, Construction, Machinery, Telecommunications, Drilling, Mineral Processing Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Excavation, Load Haul Optimisation, Conveyor Technology, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Security

Future Events

Future of Mining EMEA 2020


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