Global Water Summit

  • 29-31 March 2020
  • Madrid, Spain

The Global Water Summit is dedicated to the water industry covering water management issues in the public and private sectors.

The Global Water Summit covers topics such as:

  • With new actors showing interest in the water sector, its borders are losing definition. Is sludge management a water business, an energy business or a waste business?
  • Uber, Airbnb and Amazon have revolutionised transportation, accommodation and commerce, industries all based on fixed assets. Who will bring this to the water sector?
  • Politicians across the globe are seeking to restrict the movement of goods and people. How can we ensure that money and innovation continue to flow to where they are needed most?

The Global Water Summit will be held in Madrid, Spain on 29-31 March 2020.


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Past and Future Events

  • Global Water Summit - 2021 (48507)
  • Global Water Summit - 29-31 Mar 2020, Madrid, Spain (66981)
  • Global Water Summit 2019 - 8-10 Apr 2019, London, United Kingdom (71608)


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