Hedge Fund Due Diligence Master Class


Hedge Fund Due Diligence Master Class is a conference dedicated to strategies for mitigating risk and boosting your portfolio.

Hedge Fund Due Diligence Master Class covers topics such as:

  • Balancing Proprietary Secrecy and Investor Assurance
  • When to Invest: The Right Manager, The Right Culture, The Right Strategy
  • On-Going Due Diligence: How to Keep Your Manager on Task and Maintain Your Investment
  • The Evolving State of Valuation and how to Determine Fair Valuations
  • Counterparty Risk: New Best Practices for Limiting Your Exposure
  • Risk Management: Hear Both Investor and Manager Perspectives
  • Less Liquid Strategies: What Should You Consider?
  • Documentation: What to File, What to Preserve, and What to Ignore
  • Prime Brokers Dropping Mid-Tier Funds – How Does the Stability of Your Fund Factor Into Your Screening?
  • Lessons From Prior Hedge Fund Failures
  • Cybersecurity: What are Manager’s doing to Secure Their Assets and What Questions Should You be Asking?
  • Fund Governance: How Culture Determines Your Investment
  • Special Considerations for Hedge Funds and Environmental, Social, and Governmental (ESG) Investing—What are the Nuances?

Hedge Fund Due Diligence Master Class brings together:

  • Managers: Hedge funds, Fund of Funds, all alternative investment managers
  • Institutional Investors
    • Mutual Funds
    • Pension/Retirement Funds - due diligence on their pension consultants and underlying investment managers
    • Family Offices
    • Foundations & Endowments
    • Pension plan consultants
  • Advisors, sub-advisors
  • Due diligence consultants, valuation consultants, background checking firms, prime brokers

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