Hydrogen Economy Europe


Hydrogen Economy Europe is a conference that covers topics such as:

  • Hydrogen Expansion, Unpacking COP26
  • Europe’s 6 GW in the next 3 years Green Hydrogen target
  • The Business Model for Hydrogen: Securing Finance, Off-take Agreements, and Sector Coupling
  • Scaling-up Hydrogen - the Race to the Cheapest Green Hydrogen
  • Understanding the key commitments from COP26 and how this will support the hydrogen economy
  • S Europe on track to achieve 6 GW of renewable hydrogen in the next three years?
  • Hydrogen’s role as a tradable commodity
  • Practical roadmap to $2.00 per keg renewable hydrogen
  • Ports and Hydrogen Hubs: Building the Import and Export Infrastructure
  • Repurposing and Developing Transmission Infrastructure
  • Where to and Where Not to Apply Hydrogen
  • Hydrogen Revolution in the Oceans, Skies and on the Roads
  • Europe’s emerging hubs and their partnerships to produce and transport hydrogen across Europe and globally
  • Collaboration to decarbonizing Europe’s gas grid
  • Optimal strategy for hydrogen uses and application
  • Understanding the many colours of hydrogen and their share of hydrogen production

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Government & Global Issues: Economy, Environment
Industry: Chemical, Energy & Utilities

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