ICCVE 2020 : International Conference on Countering Violent Extremism

  • 17-18 Sep 2020
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands


The ICCVE 2020 : International Conference on Countering Violent Extremism covers topics such as:

  • Assessing Countering Violent Extremism Programs
  • Analysing the Positions of Terrorists
  • Beyond Terrorism: Deradicalization and Disengagement from Violent Extremism
  • Assessing the Effectiveness of Deradicalization
  • Challenges in Assessing the Effectiveness of Deradicalization Programs
  • Care Rehabilitation
  • Civilian Victims of Terrorism
  • Challenges in Terrorist Rehabilitation
  • Community Rehabilitation
  • Combating Violent Extremism and Radicalization in the Digital Era
  • Counseling and Evaluation
  • Contemporary Terrorist Rehabilitation
  • Counter Terrorism and Counter Insurgency
  • Counter and Deradicalisation with Returning Foreign Fighters
  • Countering Radicalization in Europe
  • Counter Terrorist Trends and Analysis
  • Counterradicalisation and Extremist Rehabilitation
  • Countering Violent Extremism
  • Counterterrorism and Intelligence
  • Counterterrorism
  • Defeating Violent Nonstate Actors
  • Counterterrorism Strategy
  • Delegitimising Terrorism
  • Defence and National Security
  • Deradicalization or Disengagement of Terrorists
  • Deradicalisation and Rehabilitation Program
  • Designing Rehabilitation and Reintegration Programmes for Violent Extremist Offenders
  • Deradicalizing Political Extremists
  • Disengagement from Violent Extremism
  • Disengagement and Rehabilitation of Violent Extremists
  • Disengaging from Terrorism
  • Disengagement or Deradicalization
  • Effective Intervention Programs to Prevent Political Extremists and Terrorist Recruitment
  • Effective Counterterrorism
  • Evaluating Terrorism Prevention Programs
  • Evaluating Different Countries’ Programs to Deradicalize Political Extremists and Political Terrorists
  • Fighting Terrorism
  • Extremist Reeducation and Rehabilitation
  • From Rehabilitation to Recruitment
  • Fundamentals for Defense of Democracies
  • Global Terrorism
  • Future Challenges: Deradicalization or Disengagement of Terrorists
  • Interrogation and Detention
  • Good Practices for Rehabilitation
  • National Security and Counterterrorism
  • Management and Rehabilitation of Terrorism Offenders
  • Perspectives on Terrorism
  • Neurocognitive Risk Assessment for the Early Detection of Violent Extremists
  • Political Violence and Terrorism Research
  • Political Analysis
  • Preventing Radicalisation to Terrorism and Violent Extremism
  • Prevent and Counter Violent Extremism
  • Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Aftercare
  • Prevention of Violent Radicalization, Deradicalization and Terrorist Rehabilitation
  • Prospects for Democracy and Press Freedom
  • Prison Reforms, Rehabilitation, Resettlement and Religious Affairs
  • Rehabilitating Returning Terrorist
  • Rehabilitating Political Extremists
  • Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Returning Foreign Terrorist Fighters
  • Rehabilitation and Reintegration Key to Tackling Terrorist Threat
  • Rehabilitation of Political Terrorists
  • Rehabilitation Intervention Programs
  • Rehabilitation Programs
  • Rehabilitation of Returning Foreign Terrorist Fighters
  • Religious Rehabilitation, Social Integration Key to Counterterrorism Efforts
  • Reintegrating Violent Extremist Offenders
  • Safety and Security of the People
  • Responding to Terrorism
  • Security Studies and Counterterrorism
  • Security Studies
  • Socioeconomic Profile of Terrorism
  • Social, Economic, Political, or Psychological Reasons
  • Strategies for Combating Dark Networks
  • Socio-psychological Factors Involved in Measures of Disengagement and Deradicalization and Evaluation Challenges
  • Terrorism and Its Impact on Mental Health
  • Terrorism and Ideological Extremism
  • Terrorism and Security Analysis
  • Terrorism and Political Violence
  • Terrorist Rehabilitation and Counterradicalisation
  • Terrorist Rehabilitation
  • Terrorist Rehabilitation Programs
  • Terrorist Rehabilitation and Succession Politics
  • The Deradicalisation of Terrorists
  • Terrorist Rehabilitation: Genesis, Genealogy and Likely Future
  • The Future of Terrorist Deradicalization Programs
  • The Dynamics of Youth and Terrorism
  • The Prevention of Terrorism and Rehabilitation of Terrorists
  • The Individual Risk Assessment of Terrorism
  • The Psychology of Radicalization and Deradicalization
  • The Psychology of Martyrdom
  • The Psychology of Terrorism
  • The Psychology of Radicalization and Terrorism
  • Tracking Terrorist Rehabilitation
  • The Threat of Violent Extremism and Terrorism
  • Women and Terrorist Radicalization

The ICCVE 2020 : International Conference on Countering Violent Extremism will be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands on 17-18 Sep 2020.


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250-500 Euro
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WASET - World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology

Future Events

  • ICCVE 2020 : International Conference on Countering Violent Extremism - 17-18 Sep 2020, Amsterdam, Netherlands (83219)
  • ICCVE 2021 : International Conference on Countering Violent Extremism - Sep 2021, Amsterdam, Netherlands (58973)


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