ICERI 2019 - The 9th International Conference of Education Research and Innovation

25-27 October 2019
Tsuru University, Tsurugi

ICERI 2019 - The 9th International Conference of Education Research and Innovation will be held in Tsurugi, Japan on 25-27 October 2019.

ICERI 2019 - The 9th International Conference of Education Research and Innovation covers topics such as:

  • Education: New Trends and Experiences
    • Experiences in Undergraduate education
    • Education practice trends and issues
    • Experiences in Primary and Secondary education
    • Experiences in Post-graduate education
    • Adult education
    • Life-long learning
    • Vocational training
    • Special education
    • Language Learning Innovations
    • Employability issues and trends
    • Pedagogical Methods and Innovations
    • STEM Education Experiences
    • Game-based learning and Gamification
    • Collaborative and Problem-based Learning
    • Assessment of student learning
    • Academic Advising and Tutoring
    • Student selection criteria
    • Examination Policies and Grading methods
    • Transferring disciplines
    • Learning space design: Next generation classroom
  • Global Issues in Education and Research
    • Student Support in Education
    • Education, Research and Globalization
    • Government Policy issues
    • Organizational, legal and financial aspects
    • Leadership and University Administration
    • Impact of economic crisis on education
    • Barriers to Learning (ethnicity, age, psychosocial factors...)
    • Digital Divide and access to the Internet
    • Indigenous perspectives and Diversity issues
    • Women and minorities in science and technology
    • Ethical issues in Education
    • Cultural Diversity and Inclusive Learning
    • Youth participation
  • Teacher Training
    • In-service training and Professional development of teachers
    • Pre-service teacher experiences
    • Human Resources development
    • ICT skills and training
    • Teacher Leaders
  • New Challenges for the Higher Education Area
    • ECTS experiences
    • New challenges for the Higher Education Area
    • Erasmus+ Programme development and experiences
    • The Bologna Process
    • Joint-degree programmes
    • Students and Teaching staff exchange programmes
  • Accreditation and Quality in Education
    • Quality processes at National and International level
    • Academic experiences and best practice contributions
    • Evaluation and Assessment
  • Curriculum Design
    • Design Strategies, Principles and Challenges
    • New Experiences for Curriculum
    • Generic skills and their development
    • Integration of cross-cultural studies
    • Course management
    • Courses, Tutorials and Labs
    • Market Humanities in the 21st century
    • Skill needs of Labour
  • University-Industry Cooperation
    • Life-long learning experiences
    • University/Industry experiences
    • Work Employability
    • Workplace Learning
    • University/Industry/Government partnership
    • Challenges between employers and HE institutions
    • Technology Transfer and Patents
    • Entrepreneurship Education
    • University spin-off companies
  • Research: New Trends and Experiences
    • Academic Research Projects
    • Research Methodologies
    • Research on Technology in Education
    • Joint-research Programmes
    • Links between Education and Research
    • Research Centres
    • Research Management
  • Technology in Teaching and Learning
    • ICT Skills
    • Learning and Teaching Innovations
    • Online/Virtual Laboratories
    • Advanced classroom applications and technologies
    • M-Learning: mobile applications and technologies
    • E-learning experiences
    • E-Tutoring and e-Mentoring
    • Blended Learning and Flipped Classroom
    • Online Assessment
    • Training the e-Trainer
    • Virtual Universities
    • Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)
    • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
    • Virtual Learning Environments (VLE )
    • Building Virtual Communities
  • International Projects
    • Project outcomes and conclusions
    • New experiences for the International cooperation
    • University networks
    • Joint Education and Research programmes
  • E-content Management and Development
    • E-Portfolios
    • Digital Libraries and Repositories
    • Open Content
    • User-Generated Content
    • Plagiarism and Intellectual Property Rights
    • Learning Analytics
    • Knowledge Management
    • Digital Rights Management
    • Security and Data Protection
    • IT Services Management and Development
  • Emerging Technologies in Education
    • Educational/Serious Games and Software
    • Web 2.0 and Social Networking: Blogs, Wikis, &hellip
    • Animation and 3D Applications
    • Videos for Learning and Educational Multimedia
    • Virtual and Augmented Reality

ICERI 2019 - The 9th International Conference of Education Research and Innovationbrings together technologists, engineers, educational scientists, professors, researchers and lecturers


Tsuru University
3-8-1 Tahara, Tsuru-shi, Yamanashi,,
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350-550 US Dollar
20 June 2019
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