ICP - Packaging Technologies for IC Devices

ICP - Packaging Technologies for IC Devices is an Exhibition Featuring Various Products and Technologies for Semiconductors, Sensor Modules and LED Packaging.

ICP - Packaging Technologies for IC Devices presents products and services such as:

  • Surface Treatment & Finishing Technologies for Semiconductors, PCBs, Electronic Devices
  • Various IC Packages
  • Substrate, Materials for Substrate, Various Software
  • Substrate Zone
  • Analysis / Simulation Software for IC Packaging
  • Semiconductor Device Inspection & Testing Zone
  • Gathering World`s TOP companies specialised in IC design, assembly and testing services!
  • Packaging Materials / Components
  • SATS / Contract Design Services Zone
  • Plating Materials / Chemicals / Equipment
  • Assembly Equipment
  • Plating / Etching Zone

ICP - Packaging Technologies for IC Devices brings together Sensor Manufacturers, Automotive Electronics Manufacturers, Set Manufacturers (in high-density SMT), Assembly Manufacturers/SATS, MEMS Devices/LED Manufacturers and Semiconductor Manufacturers.


Please, check the official conference website for possible changes, before you make any traveling arrangements

Prices are for evaluation only.

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