Infection Prevention 2019 - 12th Annual Conference

22-24 September 2019
Arena and Convention Centre (ACC), Liverpool

The Infection Prevention 2019 - 12th Annual Conference will be held in Liverpool, United Kingdom on 22-24 September 2019.

The Infection Prevention 2019 - 12th Annual Conference is dedicated to latest current and emerging threats and research to improve your team, your practice and your patients’ / clients’ outcomes.

The Infection Prevention 2019 - 12th Annual Conference covers topics such as:

  • Training the trainers in the care home setting: a national approach
  • Evaluation of cost of nosocomial infection study
  • Alternatives to chlorine
  • Basics of microbiology
  • Introduction to infection prevention
  • Bladder health decision aid
  • The future of hand hygiene in the digital age
  • The basics of microbiology and immunology
  • Challenge of reducing gnbsi in paediatric setting
  • Using whiteboard animation to educate staff and reduce pvc-related sab infections
  • Biofilms and wound infections: evidence, antimicrobials and control
  • Can pvc related bacteraemia be prevented?
  • How to manipulate friends and influence practice
  • Treatment options for multidrug resistant gram negative bacteria
  • Health economic costs of antimicrobial stewardship


Arena and Convention Centre (ACC)
King`s Dock,
United Kingdom
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50-599 Pound Sterling
Infection Prevention Society (IPS), Fitwise Management Ltd
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