Inner Ear Biology (IEB 2019)

  • 7-10 September 2019
  • PadovaFiere, Italy

Inner Ear Biology (IEB 2019) is an international symposium and workshop dedicated to research results, developments, and applications in the field of Inner Ear Biology and related disciplines.

Inner Ear Biology (IEB 2019) covers topics such as:

  • Basic molecular and anatomical cochlear mechanisms
  • Molecular and anatomical bases of hearing and hearing loss: Central Pathways
  • Ototoxic damage and vestibular diseases
  • Genetics of hearing impairment in human and mouse
  • Novel therapies and diagnostic tools
  • Noise-induced hearing loss
  • Molecular bases of inner ear development and regeneration

Inner Ear Biology (IEB 2019) brings together basic research scientists and clinical scientists, working at the molecular, genetic, whole-organ and cellular levels in the field of Inner Ear Biology.

Inner Ear Biology (IEB 2019) will be held in Padova, Italy on 7-10 September 2019.


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12 June 2019
Inner Ear Biology Group
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Past and Future Events

  • Inner Ear Biology (IEB 2020) - Sep 2020 (38907)
  • Inner Ear Biology (IEB 2019) - 7-10 Sep 2019, Padova, Italy (38909)
  • Inner Ear Biology (IEB 2018) - 6-8 Sep 2018, Berlin, Germany (38906)
  • Inner Ear Biology (IEB 2017) - 13-16 Sep 2017, Hannover, Germany (38908)


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