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Moving towards advanced electronic assisted systems in the Indian transport industryRoads and highway construction is the biggest booming sector in the Indian economy. The increase of traffic in the cities has made intelligent transportation systems the need of the hour. There is a need to implement ITS in at least 200 cities and towns across India. The government has awarded concessions to companies for ITS. In addition the government is currently being viewed as an enabler by lending financial support and are desperate for the projects to take off. There is an urgent need for the government and industry to congregate for formulating policies to standardize ITS implementation both at a state and national level.

Intelligent Transport System India has been created to profile and define the key issues, challenges associated with the latest technologies, systems, materials and to harness the benefits of technology to enable logical understanding of traffic trends and thereby offer effective solutions that will help in easing the pressure on roads .

This vital event will address the challenges associated with meeting the huge demand for infrastructure and technology.

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