InterDrone 2021

  • 10-12 Aug 2021
  • Dallas, TX, United States


InterDrone 2021 is an international conference and exhibition dedicated to drones.

InterDrone 2021 covers topics such as:

  • Drone Flyer
    • Controlling Autonomous Multicopters using APM/ArduPilot
    • Team-level Programming of Drone Sensor Networks
    • Running the ArduPilot SITL System to Simulate a Vehicle and Autopilot
    • A well-trained drone. Geo-fencing for Arducopter
    • How to Add Parameters to Vehicle Code or Libraries
    • How to Use gdb to Debug your Board or SITL
    • Using Hadoop and Big Data Methodologies to Manage Your Petabytes of Data
    • Comparing Micro-Scale Coaxial, Single-Rotor and Quadrotor Hovering Dynamics
    • Fundamentals of Flying Beyond Line of Sight
    • Fuel Cell Basics
    • Dense Multiple Stereo Matching of Highly Overlapping Drone Imagery
    • Optimizing Drone flight plans for photogrammetric applications
    • Best Practices for Post-Mission Analysis
    • Energy-Time Efficiency in Aerial Swarm Deployment
    • How to set up a full hardware-in-the-loop simulation with Xplane
    • Build Your Own Flying Drone - Intro to Ardupilot
    • Mastering the OpenPilot Ground Control Station Platform
    • Calculating the Center of Thrust on Multirotors
    • Using Arduino Code to Test an Airspeed Sensor
    • DIY Choices: CC vs CC3D vs REVO
    • Tutorial: Learning the ArduPilot Codebase
  • Drone technology
    • Understanding the ArduPilot Hardware Abstraction Layer (AP_HAL)
    • What does your drone think? Building a Measurable Virtual Reality System
    • Prototype Tiltrotor Development using APM 2.5
    • Deep dive into the mavlink protocol and code generator
    • Managing Complex Spatial Operations in Dynamic Environments using Spatial Grasp Language
    • Coding with GoBot: A robot-control applications interface using the Go programming language
    • Using MEMS-based Inertial Navigation Systems for Better Gyro-Compassing
    • Path Planning Algorithms for Managing Multiple Simultaneous Flight Missions
    • Real-Time 3-D Visualization for Autonomous Situation Awareness in Obscured Environments
    • Better Navigation Using a Sensor-Agnostic Generalized Information Fusion Filter
    • Considerations and trade-Offs for Multi-Copter Power Source selection
    • Control Algorithms for Navigation and Path Planning in a Safe Cloud Environment
    • Airframe Design Considerations
    • Designing better Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) Algorithms
    • Building Hack-Proof Drones with HACMS Technology
    • Design and Development Considerations for High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) Drones
    • Develop an Intelligent Autonomous Drone using an Android Smartphone
    • Drone RK: Resource Kernel Extensions to Linux for Better Real-Time Scheduling
    • Accuracy and block deformation analysis in automatic Drone and terrestrial photogrammetry
    • Using the embedded L4 Microkernel in Flying Drone Devices
    • Sensory systems and flight stability: What do insects measure and why
    • Aerial Locomotion in Cluttered Environments
    • Managing Avionics Safety Certification in Comercial Drones
    • Control System Development for Small UAV Gimbals
    • Inside modifications of Arduino 1.0.3 for Ardupilot
    • Optical-based follow-me mode using the Edison microcontroller

InterDrone 2021 brings together:

  • Electronics OEMs
  • UAV Designers
  • Unmanned Systems Engineers
  • ArduPilots
  • UAV Pilots
  • Drone Builders
  • Android developers
  • Software engineers
  • UAV Systems Mechanical Engineer
  • Design engineers
  • Project managers
  • Software developers
  • Propulsion Engineers
  • UAV Aviation Software Engineers
  • UAV Program Manager
  • Hardware designers
  • Design architects
  • Hardware engineers
  • Software app developers
  • Drone Pilots
  • Robotics Engineers
  • Drone Wranglers
  • UAS Operators
  • Embedded developers
  • Programmers
  • UI designers
  • Product designers
  • Drone Flyers
  • Software architects
  • UAV Engineers
  • UAV Drone Pilots
  • Avionics Engineers
  • UAS Tactical Simulator Programmers
  • Product managers
  • System architects
  • Flight Test Engineer
  • Business development managers
  • Unmanned Systems Operators
  • Drone Mission Coordinators
  • UAV Systems Specialists
  • Flight Controls Engineers
  • Senior Mechanical Development Engineers
  • DroneCode Programmers
  • Aerial Cinematographers

InterDrone 2021 will be held in Dallas, TX, United States on 10-12 Aug 2021.


  • Dallas, Texas, United States

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