30th International Cartographic Conference (ICC 2021)

  • 19-23 Jul 2021
  • Villa Vittoria Florence, Italy


The 30th International Cartographic Conference (ICC 2021) covers topics such as:

  • Colors, Signs and Typography on paper and digital maps
  • Semiotics, map perception, cognition and knowledge
  • Maps and the Internet
  • GeoVisualisation, Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • SDI, Standards, Ontologies, Integration
  • Art, Culture and Cartography
  • Location Based Services and Ubiquitous Cartography
  • Data quality
  • GeoInformation retrieval
  • Volunteered geographic information, Crowdsourcing and Critical Cartography
  • Spatio-Temporal modelling and issues (3D, simulation)
  • Generalisation and Multi-scale Representation
  • Mapping and Spatial awareness for disabled people
  • Use and User issues
  • Maps, GIS & Sustainable development
  • Geospatial analysis
  • Maps, GIS & Society
  • Maps, GIS & Hazards and Disasters
  • Mapping from Satellite Imagery
  • Maps, GIS & Security
  • Open Source Technology and Web Services
  • Map and GeoDB Production Techniques
  • Marketing and publishing
  • Intellectual Property Rights and Economical issues
  • History of Cartography and GI Science
  • Digital Technologies and Cartographic Heritage
  • Mountain Cartography
  • National and regional Atlases
  • Marine, Military and Topographic Cartography
  • Planets and space Cartography
  • Toponyms on Maps and on GeoDB
  • Census and other thematic maps
  • Education and Training
  • Map Projections
  • The profession of Cartographer
  • Cartography and Children

The 30th International Cartographic Conference (ICC 2021) brings together cartographers and GI Science specialists from around the world.

The 30th International Cartographic Conference (ICC 2021) will be held in Florence, Italy on 19-23 Jul 2021.


  • Villa Vittoria Florence, Viale Filippo Strozzi, 2 Presso, Florence, Italy

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200-550 Euro
AIM Group

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Future Events

  • 30th International Cartographic Conference (ICC 2021) - 19-23 Jul 2021, Villa Vittoria Florence, Florence, Italy (28544)
  • 31st International Cartographic Conference (ICC 2023) - Jul 2023 (14424)

Past Events

  • 29th International Cartographic Conference (ICC 2019) - 15-20 Jul 2019, Tokyo International Exchange Center, Tokyo, Japan (28543)


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