International Conference on Advance Computing, Visual Culture and Contemporary Photography (ICACVCCP 2020)

  • 08-09 Sep 2020
  • London, United Kingdom


The International Conference on Advance Computing, Visual Culture and Contemporary Photography (ICACVCCP 2020) covers topics such as:

  • Cloud computing
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Mobile computing
  • Machine learning
  • Green computing
  • Soft computing
  • Adhoc networks
  • Big data analytics
  • Social media and networking
  • Network security
  • Sensor Networks
  • Wireless communications
  • Smart sensors and MEMS
  • Internet of things
  • Embedded Computing
  • RF and Microwave Communications
  • Mixed-signal SoC applications
  • Micro and Nano Electronics
  • Reliability for system planning, operation, control and protection Electrical System Modeling and Simulation
  • Distribution System Planning
  • Smart Grid
  • Transients, Propagation, measurement and modeling
  • Intelligent Instrumentation
  • Advanced control systems
  • System analytics
  • Process Control
  • Micro Grid
  • Virtual Instrumentation
  • Advanced Signal Processing
  • Statistical learning and pattern recognition
  • Multi-core Processing
  • Multimedia Signal Processing
  • Audio and Speech Processing
  • Image and video Processing
  • Signal processing of applications of power electronics and drives
  • Biomedical Signal Processing
  • Approximation Algorithms
  • Power quality
  • Computational Biology
  • Bioinformatics Algorithms
  • Data Compression Algorithm
  • Computational Geometry
  • External-Memory Algorithms
  • Parallel and Distributed Algorithms
  • Game Theory
  • Exponential Algorithm
  • Network Algorithms
  • Graph Algorithms
  • Optimization Algorithms
  • On-line Algorithms
  • Parameterized Algorithms
  • Parallel Algorithms
  • Randomized Algorithms
  • Pattern Matching Algorithm
  • String Algorithms
  • Streaming Algorithms
  • Databases and Data Mining Applications
  • Clustering
  • Distributed Databases
  • Database Tuning
  • High Performance Data Mining Algorithms
  • Feature Selection and Feature Extraction
  • Knowledge Discovery in Database
  • Information Retrieval
  • Query Optimization
  • Knowledge Management
  • Data Mining
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Comics and Graphic Novels, and Journalism
  • Cinema Studies
  • Communication Arts and Sciences
  • Communication and Democracy
  • Communication Policies and Culture
  • Communication Law and Policy
  • Communication, Mass Media and Culture
  • Communication Studies
  • Contemporary Cinema: Industries, Narratives, Bodies
  • Communications Media Technologies
  • Creative Arts, Film and Media
  • Contemporary Theatre and Performance
  • Cult Media Studies
  • Critical, Cultural and Media Theories of Bodies, Technology, Language and Gender
  • Cultural Transformations
  • Cultural and Media Theories of Bodies
  • Digital Culture and Communication
  • Cultures and Identities in Film, Media and Literature
  • Feminist Theory: Gender and Political Studies
  • Documentary and Propaganda Film
  • Film and Media Studies
  • Film and TV Audiences
  • Film Criticism and Theory
  • Film and Television Genres
  • Fine Art, Design, Media, Film and Communications
  • Film, Still Photography, Television, and Digital Media
  • Globalization Theory/Transnational Media
  • Gender and communication
  • International and Intercultural Communication
  • Horror and Science Fiction Film
  • International Literature in Film Studies
  • International Film Festivals
  • Internet Media Studies
  • Internet as a Medium for Cinema, Movies, Video, Film Communication
  • Issues of Authorship and Queer Identities
  • Interpersonal Communication and Social Interaction
  • Languages and Linguistics
  • Journalism Studies and Communications
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Latin American Cinema, Media and Culture
  • Mass Communication and Theatre
  • Mass Communication and Media Studies
  • Media and Communications databases
  • Mass Media and Communications
  • Media, Art and Communications
  • Media Institutions and Industries
  • Moving-Image Culture
  • Media, Religion, and Culture
  • National Cinemas
  • Music, Movies and Meaning
  • Performance and Ethnography
  • Organizational and Strategic Communication
  • Photography
  • Performance and Performance Theory
  • Political Fiction Cinema
  • Political Communication, Policy, and Participation
  • Popular Music and Critical
  • Popular Culture and Film
  • Postmodernism and the Avant-garde
  • Postmodern and Queer Theoretical Approaches to Representation
  • Race Studies
  • Propaganda Film
  • Representation and meaning in news content
  • Reception Studies
  • Rhetoric and Public Culture
  • Representations of Gender and Sexuality
  • Short Film Studies
  • Screenwriting, Curating, and Digital Video Production
  • Television, Film, and New Media Theory, History, and Criticism
  • Subcultural Media Practices
  • Theories of Cultural Value
  • Theatre, Visual Arts, Cultural Studies, Communications
  • U.S. Cinema, Television, and New Media
  • Theory of Art Production and Distribution
  • Visual Culture
  • Underground and Independent Cinema
  • Contemporary Photograhy and New Challanges
  • History of Photography, Photographers and Identity Issues
  • Self-expression and reproduction of identities as an art form
  • Identity studies and visual expression
  • Self as an Instruments in Photography
  • Alienation and Postmodern Society
  • Advertising and Internet Studies
  • Daily Life and Image
  • Ineguality and Civil Rights
  • Psychoanalysis and visual culture
  • Gender Studies
  • Social movements, protests and photography
  • Forms, history and case studies of Urban Photography
  • Locality studies and ethnicity
  • Space and Place in Visual Culture and Art Photography- Urban Narrative
  • Citizens: Model and Participant
  • Politics in the city: Rebellion & Oppression
  • Visual Communication and Image Studies in Modern Times
  • Visual Cultures in the City
  • Art in the Digital Communication Age- Biographical Studies of Photographers in the city
  • 21st Century Cities in Transformation
  • Architecture and Photography
  • Public Memory and Individual Memory
  • History of Cities and Photography in the 20th Century
  • Historiography and Photography
  • Individual Histories in Photos
  • Recent visual technologies and consequences
  • Historical Narratives thorough Photography
  • Visual documentation and sociological case studies
  • Global cultural flows and mediascape
  • Archives, museums and ideology
  • Ethnographic and anthropological methods
  • History of Photography in relation to urban issues
  • Journalism
  • Contemporary Photographic Art Scene, Galleries, Trends
  • Contemporary Documentary Photography

The International Conference on Advance Computing, Visual Culture and Contemporary Photography (ICACVCCP 2020) brings together academics, students, scholars, scientists and engineers from around the world.

The International Conference on Advance Computing, Visual Culture and Contemporary Photography (ICACVCCP 2020) will be held in London, United Kingdom on 08-09 Sep 2020.


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  • International Conference on Advance Computing, Visual Culture and Contemporary Photography (ICACVCCP 2020) - 08-09 Sep 2020, London, United Kingdom (63165)
  • International Conference on Advance Computing, Visual Culture and Contemporary Photography (ICACVCCP 2021) - 2021 (78709)


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