International Conference on Biosimilars and Biologics

The International Conference on Biosimilars and Biologics covers topics such as:

  • Biosimilars & Biologics: Clinical Studies & Trials
  • Biosimilar & Biologics: Analytical Strategies & Market Analysis
  • Biosimilars & Biologics: Current Challenges
  • Biosimilars: Innovator Pharmaceutical Products
  • BCS & IVIVC Based Biowaivers
  • Biosimilars: Pharmacovigilance and Safety
  • Biological Medicines
  • Biopharmaceutical
  • Developing Biosimilars & Biobetters
  • Bioequivalence Assessment
  • Globalization of Biosimilars
  • Generics and Biosimilars: Industrial Strategy
  • Innovation and Technology for Biosimilar Development
  • GMP, GCP, QC & R&D
  • Novel Drug Delivery Technologies
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Plant Produced Biosimilars
  • Pharmacology and Drug Development
  • Regulatory Approach for Biosimilars
  • Protein Biotherapeutics and Biosimilars

Future Events

International Conference on Biosimilars and Biologics 2020


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