8th International Conference on Building and Exploring Web Based Environments (WEB 2020)

  • 24-29 May 2020
  • Novotel Venezia Mestre Castellana, Venice, Italy


The 8th International Conference on Building and Exploring Web Based Environments (WEB 2020) covers topics such as:

  • Trends on WEB-based data processing/analytics
    Linked data provenance, Linked open data-based semantics, Homogeneous unstructured data, Web-crowd perspectives, Context-sensitive Web data, Ontology-based data specification, Web stream reasoning, Web ontology, Semantic data streams, Semantic views, Mining Web-scale knowledge graphs, Pervasive Web and mobility, Homepage relevance, Web page metadata, Web-based graph analytics, Web multi-view inconsistency, Web content analytics, Web-based infrastructure, Web approximating semantics, Geo-social Web Analytics, Generation of Dataset Metadata, Web latent semantic, Web components composition, Web and Data-driven diagrams, Semantic Web technologies, Web self-adaptive API, Geotagging social-media posts, Curating open data, Sparse user-generated data, Statistical linked data, Transfer deep learning, Human-centered entity linking, RDF data, Mobile Web cache, Web vulnerabilities in browsers, Web private-preservation, Web linguistic changes, Tabular Data on the Web, Web preferences, Web-based systems security, Modeling web user activities, Web pattern semantics, Web knowledge graphs, Twitter data analytics, Fast keyphrase extraction, Collaborative annotation and Web of data
  • Trends on WEB-based services/applications
    Social media interactions, Audio-Visual Web applications, Web fora, Distributed Internet services, Co-evolving online activities, Web-based personalized recommendations, Web shocking news, Web novelty-seeking, Web search and mining, Personalized Web search, Web-based situation-aware applications, Web-based planing, Contextualizing news articles, Collaborative multimedia, Opinion-based Web services, Web photo tagging, Internet advertising services, Interactive keyword search, Collaborative writing, Online personal assistants, Web and urban environments, Social media posts, Web-based practical reasoning, Web-based disaster management, Reasoning models for the semantic Web, Spamming detection, Web template extracting, Online Web experiments, Discovering Web content vulnerabilites, Web deep browsing, Malvertizing, Ad hoc exploratory search, Web rumor/regret detection, Web tweeting cameras, Web tables, Streaming documents, Ethical Web research, Reputation-as-a-Service, Anonymous Web traffic, Topic-aware source locating services, Users Webfootprints, Facebook user profiling, Online maps services, Ad hoc exploratory search, Microblogs, Web-based context extraction, Web search queries, End-User Web automation tools, Web tracking, Web search as medical services, Web social ecosystems, Web Authentication Systems, Web scale applications, Collaborative filtering recommenders and Online auction services
  • Communities
    Web communities, Adaptive social Web, Community Q/A on the Web, Web-based collaboration, Web user profile representation, Web user modeling for e-learning, Web user data collection, Web user profile evolution, Web search engine evaluation, Web identity management, Web search and meta-search
  • Web fundamentals
    Web engineering, Web architectures, Web services and information management, Web applications, Crowdsourcing systems and Social Media, Behavioral analysis and personalization, Pervasive Web and Mobility, Content analysis, Web search systems and applications, Social Networks and Graph Analysis, Internet Economics and Monetization, Web Infrastructure: Datacenters, Content Delivery Networks, and Cloud Computing
  • Skyline Services
    QoS-based skyline selection, Skyline services composition, Spatial skyline computation, Dominant Web services, Skyline metrics and criteria, Selecting dynamic skyline services, Progressive skyline computation, Parallelization of skyline computation, Skyline applications (Peer-to-Peer, Demographic, etc.), Skyline optimization for Web service composition and Benchmarks for skyline computation
  • Uncertain Web Services
    Uncertainty in Web service compositions, Uncertainty-aware QoS, The uncertainty-enabled model web, Discovering services under uncertainty, Uncertainty in chained Web services, Trust assessment for Web services under uncertainty, Representing and simulating uncertain environmental variables, Uncertainty propagation, Uncertainty Markup Language (UncertML), Quantifying, managing and communicating uncertainty
  • Searching
    Information integration on the Web, Social Web mining, Web accessibility, Learning via Web, Mobile Web, User profiles on the Web and Multimedia on the Web
  • Semantic Web Designing and Programming
    Visualizing Web data and big data, New semantic web programming paradigms, Metrics for data quality, Programming patterns for semantic search, Linked data and deep web, Platforms, methodologies and tools for semantic web design, Data analysis of semantic web, Development of interoperable web applications, Big data and semantic representation, Mashing up data and processes, Provenance of semantic data, processes and services, New semantic-enabled capabilities and existing IDEs, Semantic intelligence on the Web, Web-based database integration, Programming semantic mining and retrieval mechanisms, Linked-data enhanced social learning and Web intelligence
  • Human-Web Interaction
    Keyword-based query interfaces, Natural language interfaces, Emotional behavior, Hybrid query interfaces, Learning User Profiles, Adaptive Web interfaces, Remembrance Agents, Personalized Interfaces, Social and psychological challenges and Interaction visualization
  • Features
    Security Web data, Quality in Web engineering, Wireless Web, Semantic Web, Web-based emergence and self-organization, Web graphs, Text Complexity, Readability, and Trust Measurement, Text Understanding and Representation, Trust and reputation, Privacy and security, Policies and policy languages and Access control
  • Services and Applications
    Web wisdom, Web services, Web messaging, Web-based notification systems, Web-based database integration, Web DBs, Web-based multimedia search and retrieval, Business intelligence on the Web, Linked-data enhanced social learning, Mobile commerce and business services, Web (temporal) analytics, Web intelligence, Location-aware Web applications and Deep Web
  • Web Accessibility
    Best practices for evaluation, testing reviews and repair techniques, Design approaches, techniques, and tools to support Web accessibility, Accessibility within e-organizations: good practices and experiences, Accessibility across the entire system lifecycle, Mobile Internet-Web Accessibility, Industry and research collaboration, learning from practice, and technology transfer, Dealing with different interaction modalities, Developing user interfaces for different devices, Accessibility and other core areas related to the Web user experience, Web authoring guidelines and tools, Innovations in assistive technologies for the Web, (UX): Usability, Findability, Valuability, Credibility, etc, Adaptive Web accessibility, Accessible graphic formats and tools for their creation, Universally accessible graphical design approaches, Accessibility and information architecture, Cognitive and behavioral psychology of end user experiences and scenarios and User Profiling

The 8th International Conference on Building and Exploring Web Based Environments (WEB 2020) is being held in Venice, Italy on 24-29 May 2020.


Novotel Venezia Mestre Castellana
Via Ceccherini 21, Mestre,
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IARIA - International Academy Research and Industry Association
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11 Jan 2020

Future Events

  • 8th International Conference on Building and Exploring Web Based Environments (WEB 2020) - 24-29 May 2020, Novotel Venezia Mestre Castellana, Venice, Italy (87538)
  • 9th International Conference on Building and Exploring Web Based Environments (WEB 2021) - May 2021 (87539)

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  • 8th International Conference on Building and Exploring Web Based Environments (WEB 2020) - 24-29 May 2020, Venice, Italy (87538)


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