3rd International Conference On Data Mining, Communications And Information Technology (DMCIT 2019)

24-26 May 2019
Yu Yang Hotel, Beijing

The 3rd International Conference On Data Mining, Communications And Information Technology (DMCIT 2019) will be held in Beijing, China on 24-26 May 2019.

The 3rd International Conference On Data Mining, Communications And Information Technology (DMCIT 2019) covers topics such as:

  • Data Mining For Intelligent IT Application
    • How Data Mining Techniques have been used in IT Applications
    • Convergence of Data Mining and Intelligent IT Applications
    • Robustness and Scalability Issues of Intelligent IT Techniques
    • Novel Applications of Intelligent IT Techniques for Complex Systems
    • Intelligent Multi-gent Systems
    • Agent-based Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery
    • Data-mining Applications for Terrorist Network Tracing
    • Intrusion Detection and Access Control Techniques
    • Credit Scoring, Financial Modeling and Forecasting
    • Crime Modeling, Fraud and Misuse Detection
    • Web Intelligence
    • CRM, e-Marketing and e-Commerce Recommender
    • Knowledge Management
    • Prediction Systems
    • Industrial Applications of Business Analytics and Optimization
    • Decision Analysis and Decision Support Systems
    • Emerging Intelligent IT Applications and Lessons Learned
    • Performance Evaluation in Intelligent IT applications
  • Core Data Mining
    • Data Transformation and Dimensionality Reduction
    • Data Pre-Processing
    • Data Mining Algorithms
    • Feature Extraction and Feature Selection
    • Real-time Mining, Data Stream Mining, and Dynamic Data Mining
    • Data Analytics Foundations
    • Statistical Learning Theory and Neural Network Research
    • Visual Mining and Data Visualization
    • Spatial and Temporal Data Mining
    • Graph Mining and Semi-Structured Data
    • Web Mining
    • Uncertainty Modeling in Data Mining
  • Information Technology Applications Related
    • Human computer interaction
    • Machine learning for multimedia
    • Robot vision applications
    • Biometric identification technology
    • E-Commerce, E-Business and E-Learning
    • Virtual reality and augmented reality
    • Web Content Generation and Management
    • Web Information Systems
    • Database Technology
    • Telecommunication and Wireless Communications
    • Multimedia Technology
    • Data Modeling and Engineering
    • Security and Forensic Applications
    • Healthcare Applications and Medical Diagnosis
    • IT Applications for Agriculture Management
    • IT Software Development and Methodology
    • The Latest Advances in IT
    • Other Industrial Applications
  • Communication Engineering related
    • Wireless Communications
    • Communication Networks
    • Infrastructure for Next Generation Networks
    • Mobile Communications
    • Coding Theory
    • Information & Communication
    • Internet Technologies
    • Optical Communications
    • Sensor Networks
    • Communication Software
    • Visual Arts & Visual Communication Design
    • New Communication Technologies
    • Green Communication
    • Marketing Communication
    • Telecommunication Technologies
    • Communication Systems
    • Information Technology Application
    • Data Communications
    • Network Security
    • Satellite Communication
    • DSP Algorithms & Architectures


Yu Yang Hotel
NO.18 Xinyuanxili Middle Street,
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300-650 US Dollar
25 October 2018
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