3rd International Conference on E-business and Business Engineering (ICEBB 2020)

  • 09-10 Oct 2020
  • Singapore


The 3rd International Conference on E-business and Business Engineering (ICEBB 2020) covers topics such as:

  • Agent for e-Business
    • Agent-based artificial markets
    • Agent-mediated e-commerce systems
    • Collective decision making and coordination for e-Business
    • Trading, negotiation, auction and mechanism design
    • Personal agents and recommender systems
    • Trust and reputation in online agent systems
    • Agent or actor oriented analysis in social networks
    • Agent based web mining, text mining and information retrieval
    • Innovative Business Models
  • E-Business
    • Enterprise application integration
    • Innovative Business Models
    • Virtual enterprises and virtual markets
    • Business process re-engineering
    • Virtual organizations and coalitions
    • Supply, demand, and value chains
    • E-Collaboration and e-Services
    • Customer relationship management
    • Future work environments for e-Business
    • Inter-organizational systems
    • E-Work
    • Business Process Integration
    • Inter-workflow
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
    • IoS (Internet of Services) plus IoT
    • Legal perspectives in IoT-based business service
    • Auto-organization on context, exchange or supply chain
    • New business models and value map
  • Data and Big Data for e-Business
    • Workflow and business process tools and management for e-business
    • Data and knowledge engineering for e-business
    • Stream processing, complex event processing and continuous queries
    • Semantic Web, Web 2.0, and business intelligence
    • Machine learning, cybernetics, and agents for e-business services management
    • E-business marketing, data mining, and relationship management
    • Big data and super computing
    • Knowledge management and e-learning
    • Super computing and simulation of e-businesses
    • Big data analytics for e-business
    • Applications of super computing
  • Service-Oriented and Cloud
    • Service quality assurance
    • Service process modeling
    • Service optimization
    • Service design methodology
    • Service QoS optimization
    • Service composition
    • Service requirement collection, specification, and analysis
    • Service security
    • Business intelligence and analytics for services
    • Data- and computation-intensive services
    • Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, Application as a Service
    • XaaS (X as a service including Iaas, PaaS, SaaS)
    • Multi-tenancy, security and privacy in clouds
    • Extreme scalability, high availability, elasticity, and reliability in a cloud
    • Cloud business support services and operational support
    • Programming models and transaction models for the cloud
  • Security, Privacy, Trust, and Credit
    • Open source technologies and components for e-business
    • Security, privacy and trust methods and solutions for enabling e-business
    • Authentication in e-business
    • Open source version management
  • Ecommerce Trading Technologies including Blockchain
    • Electronic contract
    • Online credit and reputation evaluation
    • Internet Finance/Manufacturing/Farm
    • Electronic invoice
    • Monitoring and supporting services for Ecommerce
    • Ecommerce services and infrastructure
    • Blockchain Security models
    • Ecommerce laws and standards
    • Applications of blockchain
    • Blockchain Architectures for efficient processing
  • Software Engineering for e-Business
    • Models, platforms and applications for e-business
    • Design methods, tools and science for e-business
    • Aspects of green business and green commerce
    • Components, services and solutions for e-business
    • Service-oriented software engineering
    • Cloud and mobile software engineering
  • Mobile and Autonomous Computing
    • Sensor systems and RFID applications
    • Mobile and pervasive methods, applications and integrated solutions
    • Context awareness and smart environments
    • Ubiquitous content access
    • 3G technology and services for e-business
    • Resource discovery of mobile services
    • Social networks and social behavior modeling in mobile commerce

The 3rd International Conference on E-business and Business Engineering (ICEBB 2020) will be held in Singapore on 09-10 Oct 2020.


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350-550 US Dollar
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International Economics Development and Research Center (IEDRC)
Abstract submission deadline:
10 Jun 2020

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