International Conference on Economy and Innovation (ICEI)

The International Conference on Economy and Innovation (ICEI) covers topics such as:

  • Actions in reducing imbalance
  • Reconstructing the World Economy
  • International capital markets
  • Coordination across fiscal, monetary and financial policies
  • The level of inflation targets
  • What are the lessons for fiscal policy?
  • Future of the international monetary system
  • Rise and fall of Bretton Woods
  • The complementary roles of monetary policy and macro-prudential
  • The new emphasis on financial regulation and supervisory structures
  • Innovation and a more globally integrated financial system
  • Regulation
  • New social divides
  • Unemployment and depression
  • Principles of economic growth in the knowledge economy
  • Knowledge Economy and Innovation Economy
  • Business models of the knowledge economy
  • Transforming knowledge into products and business development
  • Knowledge based business enterprises
  • Public policy for knowledge economy
  • Environment
  • Building a knowledge sharing culture in a corporate and industry
  • E-society / e-governance
  • Knowledge society in knowledge economy
  • Innovative governance
  • E-business / e-commerce
  • Furthering an innovation economy
  • Innovation and economic growth
  • Innovation as an economic driving force in the United States, Europe
  • Entrepreneurship, venturing, business models & financing innovation
  • Financial innovations and the consumer
  • And Asia
  • Financial innovations and firms: Borrower and lender behaviour
  • Financial innovations and firms: Risk-sharing and systemic risk
  • E-business / e-commerce
  • Culture and team management in innovation
  • Digital economy: Digital content creation, distribution and access
  • Information economy
  • Digital transformation processes in the private and public sectors
  • Business Innovation
  • E - Commerce
  • E - Governance
  • E - Finance
  • Digital Marketing
  • E - Health
  • E - Learning and Cloud Education

The International Conference on Economy and Innovation (ICEI) brings together attendees from:

  • Policymakers
  • Academics
  • Businesses
  • Practitioners

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International Conference on Economy and Innovation (ICEI) 2020


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