International Conference On Emerging Electrical Systems and control (ICEESC)


The International Conference On Emerging Electrical Systems and control (ICEESC) is dedicated to computer science, information technology, electrical, electronics and communication engineering.

The International Conference On Emerging Electrical Systems and control (ICEESC) covers topics such as:

  • Power Electronics and Drives
    • Sensors
    • Power devices and components
    • Control in power electronics
    • Integration and packaging
    • Control algorithms and techniques applied to power electronics
    • Low and high power converters (inverters, converters, controlled and uncontrolled rectifiers)
    • Pulse width modulation
    • Harmonic analysis and compensations
    • Space vector machine
    • Electromagnetic and thermal performance of electronic power converters and inverters
    • Switching circuits and power converters
    • Renewable energy
    • Power quality control and utility applications
    • Modeling, simulation, analysis, design and implementations of the application of power circuit components
    • Electric machines
  • Electrical
    • Electric Power Generation
    • Electrical Engineering Materials
    • Power Quality
    • Transmission and Distribution
    • FACTS
    • Power Economic
    • Electric Traction
    • Renewable Energy
    • High Voltage Insulation Technologies
    • Electromagnetic Compatibility
    • Lightning Detection and Protection
    • High Voltage Apparatuses
    • SCADA
    • Power System Analysis
    • Economic aspects of power quality and cost of supply
    • Electrical Measurements
    • Power quality in grids with distributed generation and renewable energies
    • Reliability and continuity of supply
    • Education and power quality
    • Energy efficiency in industry
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
    • Power and Applied electronics
    • Nanoelectronics and microelectronics
    • Very Large Scale Integration(VLSI)
    • Microprocessor and Microcontroller
    • Electrotechnologies
    • Micro scale fabrication
    • Power Electronics and Drive Systems
    • High Voltage and Insulation Technologies
    • Digital Communication
    • Power Quality and Electromagnetic Compatibility
    • Signal and Image Processing
    • Semiconductor Technology
    • Embedded Systems and Security
    • Transmission of Numerical Images
    • FPGA in outer space
    • Intelligent Control
    • Nanotechnology
    • Nuclear Micro batteries
    • Humanoid Robots
    • Nanomachines
  • Computer Science and Informatics
    • Data Communications
    • Computer Networks
    • Data Mining
    • Data Encryption
    • Programming Languages
    • Database Systems
    • Software Engineering
    • Image processing and pattern recognition
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Computer Animation
    • GUI, Distributed and Parallel Processing
    • Machine learning
    • Internet and Web Applications
    • Operating Systems
    • Embedded System Security
    • Mobile Computing
    • Pattern Recognition
    • Security and Cryptography
    • Parallel and Distributed Computing, Etc
    • Artificial Neural Networks & Deep learning
    • Big data infrastructure
    • Architectural interaction
    • Data canter networking
    • Cloud computing
    • Nano-electronics and microelectronics

The International Conference On Emerging Electrical Systems and control (ICEESC) brings together:

  • Educators
  • Research Scholars
  • Practitioners (Brand Specialists, Head of Marketing)
  • Industry Professionals(CEOs, CMOs, Vice-Presidents, Directors, GMs)
  • Stakeholders
  • Delegates
  • Innovators
  • Editorial Borad Members of Journals
  • PhD Scholars
  • Faculty
  • Government Officials
  • MBA/Msc. Students
  • Students
  • Technology Experts
  • Alumni`s

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