International Conference on Heat Transfer and Thermal Engineering (HTTE)


The International Conference on Heat Transfer and Thermal Engineering (HTTE) covers topics such as:

  • Biological Heat Transfer
  • Advanced thermal structures and windmills
  • Boundary Layer and Free Surface Flows
  • Bio-Thermal Fluid Science and Engineering
  • Computational Heat Transfer
  • Combustion and Reacting Flows
  • Double Diffusive Convection
  • Concentrated heat sources
  • Electric resistance heating
  • Efficiency of engines and refrigerators
  • Energy Management and Energy systems
  • Electricity-based process heating systems
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Environmental Heat Transfer
  • Fuel-based process heating systems
  • Fuel burning devices
  • Gas Turbine Heat Transfer
  • Fuels and combustion
  • Heat transfer in energy systems
  • Heat and Mass Transfer Equipment
  • Heat Transfer in Manufacturing and Materials Processing
  • Heat Transfer in Gas Turbines and Jet Engines
  • Heat Transfer with Non-Newtonian Fluid Flow
  • Heat Transfer in Multiphase Systems
  • HVAC
  • High frequency heating
  • Hydrodynamics, hydrostatic and gas bearings
  • Hybrid process heating systems
  • Industrial heating
  • Industrial Fluid Mechanics
  • Internal Flow and Heat Transfer
  • Internal combustion engines
  • Low Temperature Heat Transfer
  • Laminar and Turbulent Flow
  • Micro / Nano Heat Transfer
  • Melting and Solidification
  • Numerical Methods in Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer
  • Multi-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer
  • Steam-based process heating systems
  • Steady state heat transfer
  • Thermal Engineering
  • Temperature measurement
  • Thermo-physical Properties
  • Thermal-Fluids Machinery
  • Transient conduction

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