3rd International Conference on Information Management and Management Science (IMMS 2020)

  • 07-09 Aug 2020
  • Durrants Hotel, London, United Kingdom


The 3rd International Conference on Information Management and Management Science (IMMS 2020) covers topics such as:

  • Information Systems and Technology
    • Accounting
    • Tourism management
    • Business Policies and Strategies
    • Business Administration
    • Electronic Commerce
    • Economics
    • Financial and Banking
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Human Resources
    • Health Care Administration
    • International Business
    • Information Systems and Technology
    • Management Education
    • Management and Organization Behavior
    • Managerial Consultation
    • Management Information System
    • Operations Management
    • Marketing
    • Non-Profit Sector Management
    • Organizational Development and Change
    • Technology and Innovation
    • Social Issues in Management
    • Web Technology and Management
  • Information Management
    • Management Information Systems
    • Business strategy and information systems
    • Adoption of information technology in organizations
    • Information systems planning and management
    • Knowledge-based systems or expert systems
    • Human factors in information systems
    • System analysis and design methods
    • Hybrid intelligent systems
    • Object-oriented enterprise modelling
    • Database design
    • Distributed information systems
    • Automated mediation in group support systems
    • Software copyright infringements
    • Software for business and management
    • Internet Technology
    • Accounting and financial information systems
    • Information quality and strategies
    • Auditing and IT Governance
    • Information Systems Management
    • Decision Support Systems
    • Information Technology Management
    • E-Commerce
    • Knowledge Management
    • IT Education and Society
    • Public Policy Management
    • Enterprise Information Systems-ERP
    • Project Management
    • Software Engineering and Software Development
    • IT and IS Security
    • Open source software
    • IT and IS Innovation
    • Information and Communication Technology
    • Software agents and intelligent agents
    • Digital business and digital marketing
    • Quantum information
    • Social media
    • Computational intelligence
    • Quantum strategies
    • Big data
    • Quantum games and quantum models for business, management & engineering
    • Digital analytics
    • Web analytics
    • Competitive intelligence
    • Business intelligence
  • Management Science
    • Low carbon cities, and low carbon economy
    • Modeling and computer simulation of the management of carbon dioxide emmissions
    • Electronic Business
    • ERP systems
    • Decision support systems
    • The role of IT in Management
    • Entrepreneurship and SME management
    • Marketing engineering and management
    • Energy and Environmental Management
    • Optimization and Optimal Management
    • Data Mining and Knowledge Management
    • Value Engineering Management Analysis
    • Strategic Management and Cognitive decision
    • Social Security and Emergency Management
    • Financial Engineering and Risk Management
    • Co-ordination Act and Project Management
    • Public Administration and Social Management
    • Calculation management methods and Practice
    • Quality Management and Reliability Engineering
    • Human Resources and Performance Management
    • Technology management, innovation and evaluation
    • Research on Macro-Management and Policies
    • Logistics Engineering and Supply Chain Management
    • Industrial Engineering and Operations Management
    • Systems Theories and Practice of Management Information
    • Accounting and Auditing and Financial Management
    • Management science methodology and basic research methods
    • Project Investment Management Theories and Applications
    • Crisis / disaster control of Social systems and major engineering systems
  • : E-Business Engineering and Management
    • E-Commerce Platforms & Models
    • Innovation management
    • Workflows and Transactions in E-Business
    • E-commerce applications
    • Requirement Analysis and Modeling of E-Business Systems
    • Management and Engineering of IT-Enabled Services
    • Business Performance Management
    • Dependability and Performance of E-Business Systems
    • Mobile and Pervasive Commerce
    • Data and Knowledge Engineering for E-Business
    • Open Source Technologies
    • Security, Privacy in E-Commerce
    • E-Commerce Models, Applications and Technologies
    • In E-Commerce/Business/Services
    • Service Oriented Computing for E-Business

The 3rd International Conference on Information Management and Management Science (IMMS 2020) is being held in London, United Kingdom on 07-09 Aug 2020.


Durrants Hotel
George Street, Westminster Borough,
United Kingdom
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350-580 US Dollar
No exhibition
Asia Society of Researchers (ASR)
Abstract submission deadline:
30 Jun 2020

Future Events

  • 3rd International Conference on Information Management and Management Science (IMMS 2020) - 07-09 Aug 2020, Durrants Hotel, London, United Kingdom (81085)
  • 4th International Conference on Information Management and Management Science (IMMS 2021) - Aug 2021 (74090)

Past Events

  • 2nd International Conference on Information Management and Management Sciences (IMMS 2019) - 23-25 Aug 2019, Southwest Jiaotong University - Campus of Sichuan Province, Chengdu, China (81084)


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