International Conference on Magnetic Fluids (ICMF)


The International Conference on Magnetic Fluids (ICMF) is dedicated to innovative magnetic materials, with a special emphasis on societal applications in energy, environment and biomedical.

The International Conference on Magnetic Fluids (ICMF) covers topics such as:

  • Active magnetic colloids and soft magnetic systems
  • Advanced design and synthesis of magnetic particles and magnetic fluids
  • Magnetic and physical properties of ferrofluids and soft magnetic matter
  • Theory, statistical mechanics and modeling of complex magnetic fluids
  • Mass and energy transfer in magnetic colloids and complex fluids
  • Structures and rheology of magnetic fluids and suspensions
  • Bio applications (imaging, drug delivery, magnetic hyperthermia, vectorization, tracking,..)
  • Free surface phenomena and ferrohydrodynamics
  • Environmental applications based of magnetic carriers
  • Engineering applications for energy

Future Events

International Conference on Magnetic Fluids (ICMF) 2020


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