22nd International Conference on Microwave and Terahertz Technology (ICMTT 2020)

  • 30-31 August 2020
  • Amari Watergate Hotel Bangkok, Thailand

The 22nd International Conference on Microwave and Terahertz Technology (ICMTT 2020) covers topics such as:

  • Microwave Passive Components
    • Passive Circuit Elements
    • Transmission Line Elements
    • Non-planar Passive Filters and Multiplexers
    • Planar Passive Filters and Multiplexers
    • Ferroelectric, Ferrite and Acoustic Wave Components
    • Active, Tunable and Integrated Filters
    • MEMS Components and Technologies
  • Microwave Field and Techniques
    • Frequency-Domain EM Analysis Techniques
    • Field Analysis and Guided Waves
    • CAD Algorithms and Techniques
    • Time-Domain EM Analysis Techniques
    • Nonlinear Device Modeling
    • Linear Device Modeling
    • Nonlinear Circuit and System Simulation
  • Microwave Systems and Applications
    • Mixed Mode and Digital Signal Processing Circuits and Systems
    • Microwave Photonics
    • Instrumentation and Measurement Techniques
    • Packaging, Interconnects, MCMs and Integration
    • Arrays as Antennas and Power Combiners
    • Biological Effects and Medical Applications
    • Wireless and Cellular Communication Systems
    • Radar and Broadband Communication Systems
    • RFID Technologies
    • Sensors and Sensor Systems
    • High Power Microwave Industrial Applications
  • Microwave Active Components
    • Signal Generation
    • Semiconductor Devices and Monolithic ICs
    • HF, VHF and UHF Technologies and Applications
    • Frequency Conversion and Control
    • High-Power Amplifiers
    • Power Amplifier Devices and Circuits
    • Mm-Wave and THz Components and Technologies
    • Low Noise Components and Receivers
  • Terahertz Theory and Technology
    • Terahertz Generation, Propagation, and Interaction
    • Terahertz Devices: Electronics/Photonics/Plasmonics
    • Terahertz Imaging
    • Passive Components and Materials Issues in Terahertz
    • Terahertz System Architectures and Distributed Networks
    • Terahertz Sources, Detectors and Receivers
    • Terahertz Nanoelectronics
    • Terahertz Diagnostics
    • Terahertz Systems
    • Terahertz Spectroscopy
    • Novel Concepts (E.G., Plasmonic THz, Quantum Cascade Lasers)
    • Advanced Materials and Concepts (E.G., Metamaterials, Memristor)
    • New Frontiers and Recent Breakthroughs in Terahertz Research
    • Terahertz to Optical Metamaterials, Assemblies, and Systems
  • Emerging Technical Areas of Microwave
    • Wireless Power Transmission
    • RF Nanotechnology
    • Innovative Systems
    • New Technologies and Applications
    • Microwave/RF Devices for Wireless Health Care Applications
  • Novel Applications of Terahertz
    • Industrial Inspection
    • VLSI Trustworthiness and Inspection - Counterfeit IC Detection
    • Biomedical
    • Security and Military
    • Electronics/Information/Communication Systems
    • Information Processing and Computing
    • Integration of Advanced Materials with Conventional Devices and Systems

The 22nd International Conference on Microwave and Terahertz Technology (ICMTT 2020) might be held in Bangkok, Thailand in 30-31 August 2020.


Amari Watergate Hotel Bangkok
847 Petchburi Road, 10400, ,
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WASET - World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
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