International Conference on Missile Defence

The International Conference on Missile Defence covers topics such as:

  • NATO BMD and National Contributions (including the US PAA)
  • Ballistic Missile Threat
  • European Industrial Capabilities
  • International & European Policy and Cooperation
  • Command & Control
  • Defence Architectures
  • Interceptors, Weapons Systems & Technologies
  • Sensor Systems & Sensor Netting (including Space)
  • Modelling & Simulation
  • Testing, Targets and Demonstration Programmes
  • Integrated Air and Missile Defence
  • Lethality & Limiting the Consequences of Intercept
  • Training and education
  • Innovative cost saving approaches and procurement
  • Missile Defence and public perception

The International Conference on Missile Defence brings together all the actors of the missile defence community, including NATO representatives and other participating delegates from over various countries, among which the Russia, USA, Europe (Germany, France, Netherlands..), Israel and India.


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