International Conference on Separation Techniques

The International Conference on Separation Techniques covers topics such as:

  • Separation Techniques in Mass Spectrometry
  • Recent development in separation techniques
  • Emerging industrial separation technologies
  • Analytical separation techniques
  • Separation techniques in Biochemistry
  • Bio separation techniques
  • Separation techniques in Inorganic Chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical/ Clinical Separation Techniques
  • Magnetic Separation Techniques
  • Separation Techniques in Nanotechnology
  • Hyphenated SeparationTechniques
  • Recent trends in separation techniques
  • Separation techniques in Environmental chemistry
  • Separation techniques in Organic Chemistry
  • Separation Techniques and Applications
  • Separation Techniques in Chemical Engineering
  • Fundamental Separation Techniques
  • Advance in High performance liquid chromatography(HPLC)
  • Separation Technique based on Rate Phenomena
  • New instrumentation and Multidimensional Separations
  • Separation Techniques used in Geology / Mineralogy

The International Conference on Separation Techniques brings together:

  • Academic scientists
  • The efficacious industrial people
  • And scholar students
  • Young researchers


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