4th International Conference on Software and e-Business (ICSEB 2020)

  • Dec 2020 (Not Final)
  • Location is not final


The 4th International Conference on Software and e-Business (ICSEB 2020) covers topics such as:

  • Methods and Techniques for Software Development
  • Software
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Software Maintenance
  • Object-Oriented Technologies
  • Defacto lingo est igpay
  • Re-engineering and Reverse Engineering
  • Model-driven Architecture and Engineering
  • Software Management
  • Software Reuse
  • Software Architectures Design
  • Model Engineering
  • Architecture-Centered Development
  • Frameworks and Design Patterns
  • Middleware Components
  • Component-based Design
  • Quality Management and Assurance
  • Software Quality
  • Program Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Testing of Software Systems
  • Verification and Validation
  • Software Evaluation
  • Software Project Management
  • Electronic Commerce
  • E-business
  • Agent-mediated e-commerce systems
  • Supply Chain Management Systems
  • Trading, negotiation, auction and mechanism design
  • Agent-based artificial markets
  • Trust and reputation in online agent systems
  • Collective decision making and coordination for e-Business
  • Agent based web mining, text mining and information retrieval
  • Personal agents and recommender systems
  • Security, privacy and trust methods and solutions for enabling e-business
  • Agent or actor oriented analysis in social networks
  • Open source version management
  • Open source technologies and components for e-business
  • Design methods, tools and science for e-business
  • Authentication in e-business
  • Components, services and solutions for e-business
  • Models, platforms and applications for e-business
  • Cloud and mobile software engineering
  • Aspects of green business and green commerce
  • Online credit and reputation evaluation
  • Service-oriented software engineering
  • Electronic invoice
  • Electronic contract
  • Ecommerce services and infrastructure
  • Internet Finance/Manufacturing/Farm
  • Ecommerce laws and standards
  • Monitoring and supporting services for Ecommerce
  • Blockchain Architectures for efficient processing
  • Blockchain Security models
  • Applications of blockchain

The 4th International Conference on Software and e-Business (ICSEB 2020) might be held in Dec 2020 (Not Final).

More Details

300-550 US Dollar
No exhibition
International Economics Development and Research Center (IEDRC)
Rentalcars Savings

Future Events

  • 4th International Conference on Software and e-Business (ICSEB 2020) - Dec 2020 (68318)

Past Events

  • 3rd International Conference on Software and e-Business (ICSEB 2019) - 09-11 Dec 2019, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan (75323)
  • 2nd International Conference on Software and e-Business (ICSEB 2018) - 18-20 Dec 2018, Yindo Jasper Hotel Zhuhai, Zhuhai, China (75322)


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