Tenth International Conference on the Image 2019

5-6 September 2019
Manchester Metropolitan University

The Tenth International Conference on the Image 2019 will be held in Manchester, United Kingdom on 5-6 September 2019.

The Tenth International Conference on the Image 2019 covers topics such as:

  • Image Work
    • Cinema, traditional and new
    • The `new`: digital and social media
    • Image on the internet
    • Television, traditional and new
    • Selling the image
    • Corporations in the image business
    • Branding, logos and advertising
    • The amateur artist or photographer
    • Commercial galleries and art dealers
    • Artist or image-maker as professional
    • Image libraries
  • The Form of the Image
    • The grammar of the visual
    • The mass media
    • The image as art
    • The image as text
    • The cognitive science of perception
    • Image techniques
    • Technologies and techniques of representation
    • Visualization
    • Moving images: cinema, television, video, animation
    • Multimodality: image in relation to language, space, gesture and object
    • Photography
    • Visual arts practices
    • Aspects of vision: viewpoint, perspective, interest
    • The moving image
    • Archiving the image
    • Digital capture and manipulation of images
    • Discovering the image: databases, social media, tagging, folksonomy, taxonomy
  • The Image in Society
    • Image galleries and museums
    • Arts and image communities
    • The image in architecture
    • The image in media and communications
    • The image as commercial artifact
    • The image in advertising
    • The image as propaganda
    • The image as information
    • The role of the viewer
    • Images in security and surveillance
    • Images in the service of learning
    • Learning to represent in images
    • The past, present and future of the image
    • Reading and interpreting images


Manchester Metropolitan University
Manchester School of Art
All Saints Building, All Saints,
United Kingdom
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175-525 US Dollar
5 August 2019
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