International Conference on Ultrasonics and Applications (ICUA 2020)

  • 17-18 August 2020
  • Barcelona, Spain

The International Conference on Ultrasonics and Applications (ICUA 2020) covers topics such as:

  • Ultrasonic as Means of Communication
  • Ultrasonics and Applications
  • Ultrasound Gels: Effects, Compositions and Applications
  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detection
  • Ultrasonic Liquid Atomization
  • Ultrasonic Hearing in Humans
  • Ultrasonic soldering and welding
  • Ultrasonic Processes and Machines: Dynamics, Control and Applications
  • Ultrasonics and Applications
  • Ultrasonic-based Applications: From Analysis to Synthesis
  • Ultrasonics: Applications and Processes
  • Ultrasonics and Medical Applications
  • Ultrasound and Engineering
  • Ultrasonics: Theory, Techniques and Practical Applications
  • Ultrasound and Physics and Physics Applications
  • Ultrasound and Environmental Applications
  • Ultrasound Imaging and Medical Applications
  • Ultrasound for Regional Anesthesia, Pain Medicine, and Peri-operative Application
  • Ultrasound in Biomedicine and Biochemical applications
  • Ultrasound in Analytical Chemistry and Food Chemistry
  • Ultrasound in Synthesis of New Materials : Studies and Applications
  • Ultrasound in Organic and Inorganic Synthesis
  • Ultrasound Therapy in Medicine and Sports Medicine
  • Ultrasound Scanning
  • Ultrasound Therapy: Obstetric Ultrasound
  • Ultrasound Therapy for Treatment of Sports Injuries
  • Application of Ultrasound for Feeding and Finishing Animals
  • Application of Ultrasonics to Medicine
  • Applications of Ultrasonic Cutting in Food Processing
  • Applications in Medicine
  • Applications: Ultrasound, Sonar, and Medical Imaging
  • Applications of Ultrasonic Waves
  • Cutting and Matching of Hard Materials
  • Biologic Effects of Ultrasound and Safety
  • Laser Ultrasonics Techniques and Applications
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound: Physics and Equipment
  • Medical Ultrasonography
  • Measurement of Flow Devices
  • Nonthermal Effects of Therapeutic Ultrasound: The Frequency Resonance Hypothesis
  • Non-thermal Cellular Effects of Ultrasound
  • Safety of Diagnostic Ultrasound in Fetal Scanning
  • Piezo Ultrasonic Transducer in Medical Engineering
  • Thermal Effects of Ultrasonic Waves
  • The Medical Applications of Ultrasonics

The International Conference on Ultrasonics and Applications (ICUA 2020) might be held in Barcelona, Spain in 17-18 August 2020.


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Past and Future Events

  • International Conference on Ultrasonics and Applications (ICUA 2020) - 17-18 Aug 2020, Barcelona, Spain (59316)
  • International Conference on Ultrasonics and Applications (ICUA 2019) - 15-16 Aug 2019, Barcelona, Spain (73008)
  • International Conference on Ultrasonics and Applications (ICUA 2018) - 20-21 Aug 2018, Barcelona, Spain (69420)


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