17th International Conference on Wireless Networks and Mobile Systems (WINSYS 2020)

  • Jul 2020 (Not Final)
  • Location is not final


The 17th International Conference on Wireless Networks and Mobile Systems (WINSYS 2020) covers topics such as:

    • Spread-spectrum and CDMA Systems
    • Performance Analysis of Wireless Networks
    • Channel Coding, Modulation and Multi-user Detection
    • Detection, Decoding and Diversity Techniques
    • Wired to Wireless transition issues
    • MIMO Systems and Techniques
    • Spectrum Policies and Open Spectrum
    • RFID Systems
    • OFDM and Multi-Carrier Systems
    • Energy Efficiency and Power Control
    • Cognitive Radio and Software Defined Radio
    • Information Ubiquity
    • Directional and Smart Antennas for Sensor Networks
    • Cross-layer Design and Physical Layer based Network Issues
    • Wireless Network Co-Existence
    • Radio Issues in Wireless Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks
    • Wireless Communication Middleware
    • Wireless Multiple Access Techniques
    • Wireless Multimedia
    • Wireless Positioning Technologies
    • Antennas and Propagation, Channel Modelling and Estimation
    • Enabling Technologies
    • Fault-Tolerance and Traffic Reliability Issues
    • Cooperative Mobile Systems
    • High Altitude Platforms and Satellites
    • Green Wireless Systems
    • Reconfigurable Wireless Networks
    • Network Measurement, Validation and Verification Schemes
    • Survivability, Network Management and Fault Tolerance in Mobile Environments
    • Routing Protocols, Qos, Scheduling and Congestion Control
    • Wireless Networks for Underwater and UAVs Communications
    • WiMAX, LTE, WMANs, and New Emerging Broadband Wireless Networks
    • Social networking communication services
    • QoE management in Wireless Multimedia Networks
    • Vehicular Networks
    • Home area networks
    • Delay-Tolerant Networking
    • Ad Hoc Networks of Autonomous Intelligent Systems
    • Hybrid Wireless Communication Systems
    • Pervasive Education Systems
    • Body-based Wireless Networks
    • Autonomic Networking
    • E-Health Networking
    • Coverage, Connectivity and Deployment Issues
    • Hardware and Software Platforms, Middleware
    • Emergency Wireless Communications
    • Localization and Positioning Schemes
    • Local Dependent Networks
    • Measurements and Experimental Research
    • MAC Issues in WSN
    • Modeling, Algorithms, and Performance Evaluation
    • Mobile Ad Hoc Networks and Multi-Hop Wireless
    • Radio Issues in Wireless Sensor Networks
    • Novel Sensing Applications
    • Urban Sensing
    • Ultra-Wideband and Short-Range Networks
    • Wireless Real-Time Communications
    • Radio Resource Management
    • Web Services
    • Information Security Policy for Wireless Networks
    • Wireless Application Areas
    • Intelligent Living Environments: Architecture, Protocols and Applications
    • Wireless Information Policy, Risk Assessment and Management
    • Geographic Information and Location-based Applications and Services
    • Network Traffic Analysis Schemes
    • Convergence and Social Mobility
    • Ubiquitous Wireless Services and Protocols
    • Charging, Pricing, and Business Schemes
    • Localization Techniques
    • Multimedia and QoS over Wireless Networks
    • Peer-to-Peer Computing and Networking

The 17th International Conference on Wireless Networks and Mobile Systems (WINSYS 2020) brings together engineers, researchers and practitioners interested in information systems and applications in the context of wireless networks and mobile technologies.

The 17th International Conference on Wireless Networks and Mobile Systems (WINSYS 2020) might be held in Jul 2020 (Not Final).

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475-595 Euro
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INSTICC - Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, Control and Communication
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Future Events

  • 17th International Conference on Wireless Networks and Mobile Systems (WINSYS 2020) - Jul 2020 (9111)

Past Events

  • 16th International Conference on Wireless Networks and Mobile Systems (WINSYS 2019) - 26-28 Jul 2019, Vienna House Diplomat Prague, Prague, Czech Republic (28677)
  • International Conference on Wireless Information Networks and Systems (WINSYS 2018) - 26-28 Jul 2018, Holiday Inn Porto Gaia, Porto, Portugal (28676)


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