International Congress on Artificial Materials for Novel Wave Phenomena


The International Congress on Artificial Materials for Novel Wave Phenomena covers topics such as:

  • Geometry
    • (1+1)D, (2+1)D, and (3+1)D space-time metamaterials and metasurfaces
    • 1D, 2D, and 3D metamaterials and metasurfaces
    • Meta-systems (including, e.g., gradient metamaterials, metamaterials in architectures designed by coordinate transformations, as well as far-field and near-field imaging systems)
    • Individual meta-atoms
  • Area
    • Acoustic and mechanical (including, e.g., seismic)
    • Electromagnetic from DC to optical and beyond (including, e.g., metallic, dielectric, magnetic, and superconducting ingredients)
    • Multi-physics
    • Transport (including, e.g., nanoelectronics, and thermal transport)
  • Frequency
    • Dynamic (including wave propagation)
    • Static
  • Arrangement
    • Non-periodic
    • Periodic
  • Status
    • Tunable properties (including, e.g., modulators, switchable properties, software-defined, and adaptive properties)
    • Fixed properties
  • Type
    • Active
    • Passive
  • Technology Readiness Level
    • Design (including, e.g., analytical approaches, topology optimization, numerical methods, machine and deep learning, bio-inspiration)
    • Effective-medium theories and homogenization (including, e.g., high-frequency and high-contrast homogenization and spatial dispersion modelling)
    • Applications and commercialization (including, e.g., antennas, sensing, spectral and spatial filtering, civil engineering, marine engineering, biology, and earthquake protection)
    • Fabrication and characterization (including, e.g., new manufacturing approaches, 3D additive manufacturing, parameter retrieval, reliability testing, and fatigue testing)
  • Physical basis
    • Quantum
    • Classical (linear and nonlinear, including, e.g., multistable and programmable)

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