8th International Fluid Academy Day (IFAD) 2019

29 May - 1 Jun, 2019
Royal Palm Plaza, Campinas

The 8th International Fluid Academy Day (IFAD) 2019 will be held in Campinas, Brazil on 29 May - 1 Jun, 2019.

The 8th International Fluid Academy Day (IFAD) 2019 is dedicated to fluid therapy topics, and deals with questions such as:

  • What is the place of the colloids
  • What is the real impact of hyperchloremic metabolic acidosis induced by normal saline
  • Do the classic rules of thumb regarding their dosage limit and indication spectrum hold in modern times
  • What is the best colloid
  • What is the place of the hypertonics
  • Do we still need human albumin
  • What will the future bring us
  • How is the crystalloid vs colloid debate evolving
  • What are the effects on the microcirculation
  • Can capillary leakage be treated with colloids instead of worsening it
  • Is there an advantage in the use of volume instead of pressure monitoring
  • What is the place of the CVP and PCWP
  • What is the place of lactate

The 8th International Fluid Academy Day (IFAD) 2019 brings together specialists caring for the critical patient, including anesthaesiologists, intensivists, internists, emergency physicians and burn care specialists.....


Royal Palm Plaza
Av. Royal Palm Plaza, nº 277, Jd Nova Califórnia,
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