International Interdisciplinary Architecture and Urban Studies Conference (HOUSE & HOME)


The International Interdisciplinary Architecture and Urban Studies Conference (HOUSE & HOME) covers topics such as:

  • Social Perspectives
    • Representation of space in the fictional narration and fictional places
    • Politics and House
    • Advertisement, fashion and home
    • House from the perspective of social sciences (sociology, anthropology etc.)
    • Social media and living in the digital space
    • City Planning and daily life
    • House & Architectural Education
    • Physiological perspectives to the house
    • (drawings, models, diagrams, digital design techniques etc.)
    • Ideological and historical dimensions of architectural communication and representation of house
  • Historical Perspectives
    • House design in the 21th century
    • The history of home & house
    • House in the 20th century
    • Interior design and home
    • Houses of the Architects
    • Architectural movements and house
    • History of individual spaces and modernity
    • The "Genius Loci" of House
  • Theoretical Perspectives
    • Daily life and architecture
    • Definitions and role of "House" as a theoretical discussion
    • Definitions of house/home
    • Philosophical approaches about house/dwelling
    • Architectural criticism on housing & house
    • Theory of the house: Manifests

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