International Microwave and RF Conference (IMaRC)


The International Microwave and RF Conference (IMaRC) covers topics such as:

  • Radio and Wireless Systems
    • Cognitive and adaptive radio
    • Wireless and cellular architectures, circuits, and components
    • Receiver Components
    • Transmitter Components
    • Active antennas and Phased arrays
    • Highly Integrated Packaging
    • Signal Generation and Modulation Circuits
    • MIMO antennas
    • Optical/Fiber Techniques
    • Methods of Maintaining Signal Integrity
    • EMI/EMC
  • Microwave and RF Technologies
    • Novel waveguides, and new phenomena in waveguides
    • Passive components (filters, couplers, transitions, etc.)
    • RF packaging and package modeling
    • Hybrid and monolithic active components (amplifiers, mixers, oscillators etc.)
    • RF MEMS and microsystems
    • Semiconductor devices and component modeling for RF applications
    • Radar, SAR and microwave imaging
    • Microwave and millimeter-wave systems
    • High power transmitters
    • Electronic warfare and other military applications of RF/Microwaves
    • Emerging areas (nanotechnology, biomedical applications etc.)

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Event Categories

Science: Engineering, Physics
Technology: Communication Networks, Remote sensing, Signal Processing, Telecommunication

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