International Symposium on Energy Economy (SEE 2021)

  • 22-24 Jan 2021
  • Sanya, China


The International Symposium on Energy Economy (SEE 2021) covers topics such as:

  • Income and wealth effects on energy demand
  • Energy Demand and Economic growth
  • Electricity demand and economic growth
  • Demand for mobility fuels in a growing economy
  • Economic Forecasting model relationships, predictions and results
  • Impacts of fiscal and monetary policy on energy demand
  • Low cost energy and economic welfare
  • Energy supply and economic growth
  • Optimal policy towards energy supply
  • Energy sector contribution to economic growth
  • Impacts of energy shocks on post-industrial economies
  • Policy constraints on fossil fuels and the macroeconomy
  • Energy firm participation in financial markets
  • Financial markets and energy markets
  • Optimal policy framework for financial energy markets
  • Integration of financial and real energy markets
  • Impacts of growing energy demand on the environment
  • Energy and the Environment
  • Climate policy and energy markets
  • Relationship between environmental improvement and energy demand
  • Non-fossil fuel energy: renewables & nuclear
  • Struggling carbon markets: EU ETS and WCI
  • Impacts of renewable portfolio standards
  • Economics of wind, solar, geothermal and hydropower
  • International Energy Markets
  • Future of nuclear energy
  • North American supply and demand
  • Sources of international supply and demand growth
  • Energy market integration
  • Development of international energy infrastructure (pipelines & transmission lines)

The International Symposium on Energy Economy (SEE 2021) is being held in Sanya, China on 22-24 Jan 2021.

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350-500 US Dollar
Hong Kong Society of Mechanical Engineers - HKSME

Future Events

  • International Symposium on Energy Economy (SEE) 2022

Past Events

  • International Symposium on Energy Economy (SEE 2021) - 22-24 Jan 2021, Sanya, China (90505)


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