International Symposium on Military Aspects of Blast and Shock - MABS 21


The focus of the Symposium is on phenomenology and damage studies of shock and blast-related explosive events. It is therefore imperative that presentations will either detail these events or illustrate techniques for the simulation of their effects. Simulations can consist of studies using explosive charges, shock tubes, blast simulators, other loading devices, or computational and analytical methods.

Scientists, engineers, consultants and others who are interested in or work in the fields of blast and shock wave research and associated thermal effects are invited to contribute to and participate in MABS Symposia. The MABS Symposia are held every second year in one of the representative countries with a MABS Executive Committee (Canada, France, Germany, Israel, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, and USA).

The military nature of the event does not preclude the acceptance by organizing committee of papers arising from non-military or natural catastrophe events.

Main Areas of Interest:
  • Blast/shock wave phenomena in air, ground, and water
  • Simulation of explosion events
  • Blast/shock wave generation techniques and facilities: shock tubes, blast
    simulators, explosive devices and charges, and innovative loading devices
  • Computational and analytical methods related to blast/shock waves
  • Modeling and scaling of blast/shock wave phenomena
  • Instrumentation, measurement and signal processing techniques
  • Experimental validation of numerical codes
  • Target response, prediction and analysis
  • Thermal radiation effects
  • Accident and catastrophe damage analysis
  • Protective measures related to blast phenomena

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