16th Joint MMM-INTERMAG Conference

  • Jan 2023
  • United States

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The 16th Joint MMM-INTERMAG Conference is dedicated to all aspects, fundamentals, experiments, theory and applications of magnetism, magnetic devices and materials.

The 16th Joint MMM-INTERMAG Conference covers topics such as:

  • Magnetoelectronic Materials and Phenomena
    • Magnetoelectric Phenomena
    • Multiferroic Materials and Hetero-Structures
    • Complex Oxides (Films and Hetero-Structures)
    • Complex Oxides (Bulk)
    • Magnetoresistance, Magnetoimpedance, and Hall Effect
    • Half-Metallic Materials
    • Magnetic Semiconductors
  • Fundamental Properties and Cooperative Phenomena
    • Critical Phenomena
    • Electronic Structure
    • Superconductivity
    • Spin Glasses and Frustration, and Heavy Fermion Systems
    • Low-Dimensional Systems and Molecular Magnets
  • Magnetization Dynamics and Micromagnetics
    • Spin Waves
    • Magnetization Dynamics and Damping
    • Ultrafast Switching
    • Domains Wall and Vortex Dynamics
    • Hysteresis Modeling
    • Micromagnetic Modeling
  • Spintronics - Fundamentals and Devices
    • Tunnel Magnetoresistance
    • Giant Magnetoresistance
    • MRAM, Magnetic Logic, and Related Devices
    • Voltage-Controlled Magnetic Anisotropy and Switching
    • Skyrmions and Spin-Orbitronics
    • Domains and Domain Wall Devices
    • Spin Injection and Spin Transfer Torques
    • Antiferromagnetic Spintronics
    • Spins in Graphene, Topological Insulators, and Other 2D Materials
    • Spin Currents, Spin Pumping, Spin Hall, and Related Effects
  • Hard Magnetic Materials
    • Nanostructured Hard Magnetic Materials
    • Rare-Earth Transition Metal Borides
    • Intermetallic and Other Hard Magnetic Materials
  • Soft Magnetic Materials
    • Crystalline Alloys
    • Ferrites and Garnets
    • Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Materials
  • Special Magnetic Materials
    • Magneto-Elastic Materials
    • Magneto-Optic Materials
    • Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Materials
    • Magneto-Caloric Materials
    • New Magnetic Materials
  • Structured Materials
    • Multi-Layered Films and Superlattices
    • Thin Films and Surface Effects
    • Nanoparticle and Nanowire Arrays and Self-Assembly
    • Patterned Films
    • Exchange Bias
    • Nanoparticles and Nanowires (not in arrays)
    • 3D and Other Magnetic Structures
  • Sensors, High Frequency Devices, and Power Devices
    • High Frequency, Microwave, and Millimeter Wave Devices
    • Magnetic Sensors (non-recording)
    • Magnetics for Power Electronics and Control
    • Transformers and Inductors
    • Shielding, Levitation, and Propulsion
  • Magnetic Recording
    • Write and Read Heads
    • Recording Media
    • All-Optical Recording and Other New Recording
    • Energy-Assisted Recording
    • Recording Systems and Modeling
  • Magnetic Characterizations
    • Instrumentation and Measurement Techniques
    • Magnetic Microscopy and Imaging
  • Interdisciplinary Topics
    • Biomedical Applications
    • Bio-Magnetism and Chemical Magnetism
    • New Applications
    • Magnetic Fluids and Separations

The 16th Joint MMM-INTERMAG Conference might be held in United States in Jan 2023.

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  • 16th Joint MMM-INTERMAG Conference - Jan 2023, United States (433)

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  • 15th Joint MMM-INTERMAG Conference - 10-14 Jan 2022, New Orleans, LA, United States (89600)


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