LatAm Mine Water Conference

The LatAm Mine Water Conference is a conference dedicated to water management issues and challenges in mining and provides key strategies for optimising water usage and sustainable water management.

The LatAm Mine Water Conference covers topics such as:

  • Regulatory updates on the wastewater systems in Latin America
  • Evolving regulatory framework for sustainable water management in mining
  • Sustainable water management practices for mine closure and reconciliation
  • Water, mining, and communities: An approach to shared water management
  • Water transport and supply across mine sites
  • Mine Dewatering: Cost effective solutions to manage groundwater quality

The LatAm Mine Water Conference brings together:

  • Environmental Directors
  • Chief Operating Officers
  • Waste Management Directors
  • Heads of Environment
  • Heads of Water Resource Management
  • CSR Managers
  • Hydrogeologists
  • Senior Hydrologists
  • Water Treatment Specialists
  • Sustainable Development Managers/Engineers
  • Environment Safety Officers

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