Latin America Aero & Defence (LAAD) Security


Latin America Aero & Defence (LAAD) Security is an exhibition that presents technologies such as: Airspace, Terrestrial military application material, Naval, Public security and civil defence application material.

Latin America Aero & Defence (LAAD) Security presents products and services such as:

  • Combat-support armament systems (field artillery)
  • Individual and collective armament systems
  • Target-setting and shot-aiming systems
  • Antiaircraft defence systems (cannons, missiles and radars)
  • Small-, medium- and big bore ammunition
  • Surface-surface and surface-air missile systems
  • Individual protection and soldier-support uniform and equipment
  • Surface-surface and surface-air unguided rockets
  • Light and heavy wheeled vehicles
  • NBQ protection systems
  • Robot-driven systems for surveillance, anti bomb and cleaning of minefields
  • Combat armoured wheeled vehicles and tracks
  • Training and simulation systems (individual and collective)
  • Automated systems for application of armaments to vehicles
  • Small, medium and large ships
  • Logistic support systems
  • Naval armaments (cannons, torpedoes and missiles)
  • Small, medium and large ships
  • Sensors and integration systems
  • Naval simulators
  • Aircrafts (aircrafts and helicopters)
  • Surface application and submerged robot-driven sea vehicles
  • Air armament (conventional and guided bombs and missiles)
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
  • Ground support systems
  • Air armament (conventional and guided bombs and missiles)
  • Tactical and strategic communication systems
  • Aviation simulators (mission and piloting and avionics control board)
  • Surveillance and Monitoring systems (earth, air and sea)
  • Integrated Command and Control systems (C2 to C4I) for defence and security
  • Nonlethal armaments
  • Surveillance and Monitoring systems (earth, air and sea)
  • Vehicles optimized for police use (cars and motorcycles)
  • Individual control means of civil disorders
  • Aeromedical evacuation systems in parapublic aircrafts
  • Control vehicles of civil disorders
  • Fire fighting equipment and vehicles
  • Simulated training systems for police officers
  • Rescue-mission support systems
  • Emergency hospital systems
  • Engines, parts and accessories (earth, air and sea)
  • Collective feeding systems
  • Engineering
  • Simulation and training
  • Maintenance
  • Maintenance

Latin America Aero & Defence (LAAD) Security brings together:

  • Brazilian Senior staff, Ministers and armed forces Representatives involved in Defence Procurement
  • Official Delegates
  • Ambassadors
  • Regional Industry decision makers seeking purchasing and JV business opportunities
  • Senior International Military influencers and Industry Visitors
  • Secretaries, Police Chiefs, commissioners and superintendents of Brazil and Latin America
  • Civil and Military Police
  • Security and Defence industry executives
  • Utilities, Corporate and Government Agencies Executives
  • Defence, Aerospace and Security Press (Regional and International)

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Latin America Aero & Defence (LAAD) Security 2020


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