Leading & Developing Successful Pharma Teams


Leading & Developing Successful Pharma Teams is a course dedicated to enhance team working and team’s performance.

Leading & Developing Successful Pharma Teams covers topics such as:

  • Team formation
    • What are the key elements of the team roles and expectations from everyone in the
    • Objectives, role and responsibilities
    • Teams?
  • Matrix team management
    • Communication between teams working in a matrix
    • How to achieve alignment of teams working in a matrix and globally
    • How to influence in a matrix
    • How to create a common vision for success
  • Planning project team activities
    • Ensuring project objectives are met
    • Prepare a project charter/project definition to ensure it is relevant and up-to-date
    • Effective global teams
  • Team development issues
    • Enable you to develop `must do` strategies to increase effectiveness
    • How teams/individuals go through several distinct stages. Recognising them will
    • Team motivation
    • Team styles and how to work effectively in and across teams, particularly internationally
  • Proactively identify issues and risks and how to manage these
    • Ensuring alignment within the team is maintained
    • Escalating where appropriate
    • Managing conflict in and between teams
  • Supporting project team progress
    • Communicate progress - reports and metrics
    • Discuss how to help support deliverables are on time and at the right quality standard across multi-teams
  • Providing feedback to team members
    • Mentoring and coaching
    • Feedback using an effective step-by-step process
    • Dealing with negative team members
    • Discuss how best to assess the workload and performance
  • CAPA (corrective and preventative action) management and team problem solving to ensure appropriate quality
    • Effective team problem-solving
    • CAPA management and documentation requirements
  • Effective team communication
    • International and virtual communication
    • Ensuring effective communication with team members
    • Best practice for sharing lessons learned
    • Share best practice for effective communcation for team members in different locations

Leading & Developing Successful Pharma Teams brings together:

  • Project leaders and managers
  • Team leaders
  • Anyone who wants to develop team skills to achieve greater success
  • Heads of departments

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