Longevity Therapeutics Summit


Longevity Therapeutics Summit is a conference dedicated to the latest developments in aging research.

The Longevity Therapeutics Summit covers topics such as:

  • How quantitative proteomics and AI can accelerate preclinical development of rejuvenate aged tissues diseases
  • First in human trial results and opportunities in the future
  • The definition of rejuvenation and accelerated aging to help you leverage outcomes for longevity therapeutics
  • What investors are looking for, helping you to secure the funding to support your unicorn research into clinic and commercialization
  • Evidence for occurrence of cellular senscence in AD, and the potential use of senolytics as therapeutics at later stage of disease

Longevity Therapeutics Summit brings together:

  • Academics
  • Leading biotech drug developers
  • Pharma companies
  • Investors

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